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Comment 24 Apr 2017

Holland had a very nice game.

Comment 23 Apr 2017

You have yet to even state what these magical adjustments were. You don't have a point. Instead of hanging a 3-point loss on your punching bag for not getting one more first down, why aren't we talking about the defense giving up two 80-yard drives with 8 minutes to play? Like I said, specious. 

Comment 23 Apr 2017

It's OK to think Tommy Stevens is good. It's also ok to be grounded in reality and understand that you don't know more than the coaching staff.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

15 or 16 deep on the DL is every scholarship player, so I don't think that's right. DT has 5 guys with significant PT, so that should be OK. CB has 3 and Wade and Zech pushing. DE has 6 guys, 3 with zero PT. Certainly there's an expectation factor with Simmons/Toney/George, but they're all freshmen. I also wouldn't use the term extensive for LB depth. You have 3 guys total that have shown consistency and then a whole bunch of question marks. Safety has 1 proven guy in the 3-deep. I'll be happy with a top 40-50 defense all things considered.