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Comment 24 Jun 2017

Even after the injuries mounted, the offensive line play was far better than most think. It is hard to get push when the defense has numbers and your capacity to do something about it is extremely limited. Luckily, that can change this year. Barring injury, State will have a full complement of tight ends this year. Hopefully one of them can push for significant playing, perhaps even a double tight end set since Gesicki is not much more than a receiver, and more importantly, a QB competition in camp to we can get the best player on the field.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Agreed. However, it is not all on him. He still needs blocking and a more developed passing game to play to his potential. Honestly, Ki-Jana is the closest player I have ever seen to having it all at that position. SB is on par and has an offense that allows him to showcase every bit of it.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Big plays are misleading. They are almost always the result of a mistake on the team's side, unless of course you are discussing an all time great like Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson or Rocket Ismail. I love Saquan but I wouldn't put him in that class though he very well could be with improvements at key positions on offense.

Comment 10 Jun 2017

I certainly haven't forgot about Clifford. I am not sure anyone actually has. Looking at Moorhead's history dating back to Akron, a pro-style QB that can run is very likely Moorhead's ideal player at that position which an emphasis on pro-style. The film backs up that assessment. If you look at what he tried to do during the first third of the season before scaling back the passing game, it is clear.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

They should simply do what they should already be doing. Finding a QB for this class that fits the offense they want to run 3 years down the road and continue to allow every player on the roster to compete for a starting job to ensure the best players are on the field. 

Comment 08 Jun 2017

I have no problem with being given the third best odds in the division. I am somewhat surprised we weren't behind Wisconsin. Although I think Michigan is going to struggle early this year and will likely end up with 7 or 8 wins total, if they put everything together and caught a few breaks (Big Ten officiating), they could be a legit challenger, emphasis on could. That is all the odds mean. The odds makers think that Michigan potentially has a higher ceiling.  

Penn State on the other hand, needs to improve on defense and prove the offense wasn't a one year wonder and contrary to what some think, there was a fluke aspect to the offense last year. Big plays are great but we all saw what happened when USC took them away in the fourth quarter of the Rose Bowl and we saw how the offense operated early in the year when they tried to run a more conventional version of JoMo's scheme. Without upgrade in talent at key positions, improvement will likeley be incremental at best.  

Comment 25 May 2017

Saquan Barkley and Joe Moorhead were the difference between the Rose Bowl and no bowl in 2016. Franklin saved his job by hiring Joe Moorhead but Barkley won the Big Ten despite all the team's limitations. Here's to hoping both stick around for the 2018 season and a playoff run.

Comment 14 May 2017

The damage done by the collective offensive incompetence of Franklin/Donovan/Rahne/Hand is significant. Given that Hack was a less developed QB when he left Penn State than when he got there straight out of high school is scary. I honestly don't know if he can reasonably expected to be ready in his second season. 

Comment 13 May 2017

Other than Mark Richt, the list looks about right to me. Nitpicking, I'd bump Mike Gundy a tad lower, Mark Dantonio a tad higher. Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with it. Franklin's spot looks about right. You could argue anywhere between 15 and 25. 

Comment 12 May 2017

I picked them to go 10 and 2 best case with losses to Ohio State and Michigan State. D'oh! But I did fully predict Moorhead's impact. If only he were around in 14 and 15 instead of the bumbling idiot. Still can't help but think how good last year's team would have been if Hack had stayed. Maybe undefeated. Barkley may have won the Heisman.

Comment 12 May 2017

Barkely is No. 1, end of story. Hack was the only reason (offensively, the D was great to) the offense did anything and he carried the team to bowl games in 14 and 15, in 16 is was Saquan turn to be the man. Barkley's presence covered up lots of warts all season allowing the team to win a Big Ten title. Without Barkley, they finish closer to 6 and 6. Heading into this year, without Chris Godwin, he may be even more valuable now that opposing defenses have film on the offense.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

That was last year with a soft schedule. This is a new season which what looks like a more difficult slate. Except for the losses, his play was inconsequential in most of them.

Comment 29 Apr 2017

There is a reason for that, and it is it limited skill set. He simply doesn't have the arm to effectively throw the mid-range pass which is why those guys are open. Throwing the ball as hard as you can deep when there is no safety support and the DB is not playing the ball is a much safer throw and has far less risk.