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Comment 23 Feb 2017

F**K efficiency - "BOMBS AWAY"  All kidding aside I think if we can have an OLine that stays together as a group (NO injuries although it looks like we now have quality depth), the efficiency will come, but that also means holes will open for our stable of running backs to cause safeties to crowd the line leaving a lot of one on ones down the field.  This will still leave the opposing DC's to choose their poison. 

Comment 21 Feb 2017

Good get with this interview.  This young man seems to have a good head on his shoulders and is getting solid advice from his uncle and Dad.  I especially like that he wants to take his time and not have to be in a position to de-commit.

Let's hope "the best recruiters in the game" get him to come to PSU.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

we're known on AAU circuits

Or is Pat known on the AAU circuits and will take that with him at his next school leaving PSU back where it started?

Just another reason for the "fire Pat" whiners to think about how much he has done to bring in Philadelphia talent.  Based on what I have been reading it is their buy-in to Pat, not Penn State that has them telling their kids Penn State is a good destination for them.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

WHY?  He just has a bug up his a** for Pat and it is never going to change. I've had over 20 years coaching teenagers and they can drive you nuts no matter how much you coach them.  You have to remember you are still working with children in a man's body and that mind can turn itself over in the space of minutes especially without a good core of upperclassman leadership to calm them down or pick them up.  It is very hard for a coach to provide that leadership from the bench.

That leadership will develop, but it will take time and may develop quicker as they been thrust into starting roles as freshmen.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

Here are some fearless predictions regarding the recruiting class and elsewhere.

I really hope these "fearless predictions" have come after seeing the bottom of the bottle because not one of them is happening other than Charles and Johnson being in the mix to replace Godwin.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Forget about Rec Hall.  Let's find basketball's Terry Pegula and build a new, "old" basketball structure across Atherton.  Size it for 7-8,000 capacity and have the seats hard against the court.  Make it intimidating for everyone coming to Happy Valley.

That is what is needed in terms of physical infrastructure.  Now the other part of the equation is to win consistently and with the young talent that is being brought into the program we should see that in another year to two.

Well, I can dream.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Milkman, you hit all the points I wanted to make.  I'm glad I decided to read all the comments before posting.

It cannot be more emphasized that this is the "wall" portion of the season for the freshman.  You live and die many times over when you use so many youngsters for your team. Expect "unexpected" wins and improbable losses due to their youth.

I also believe I heard that several of the players logged over 50 minutes in the Indiana game, so I was not surprised to see some "dead" legs out there.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Everyone, enough with the political stances on RLR.  Both sides.  Accept the information presented and understand the consequences of the actions of the government. They did not consider that sport competitions in their decision will affect US teams, but really sports don't matter in the ways of the world.  

Go have your political rants on Yahoo or Facebook or whatever, they don't belong here.

Comment 22 Jan 2017

I am happy to see CJF is providing sound advice to his players and fully explaining the financial ramifications for them to base their decisions.  These are likely the most important decisions these young men will be making in their lives and at this stage it is without the benefit of trained advisers outside their families and close friends so all the advice the coaches can provide them will benefit tremendously.

And it certainly doesn't hurt for CJF to explain it to us.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

This was the type of game that Penn State basketball would always lose.  Ugly or not, these young men came to play and find a way to win.  And Mike Watkins is a "man-child" who has eliminated the question of our having a front court this year all by himself, but I think he is rubbing off on Julian as he no longer seems to be a detriment to the team when he is getting his minutes.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

You just have to love those quick twitch runners that can turn on a dime in the return game and with the redshirt he will fit right into the slot group.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

My first game at the Palestra was back in the '69 for a Big 5 game between Villanova and St. Joes.  Sitting directly behind the basket, eye level with the top of the backboard my most memorable moment was seeing Howard Porter's elbow even with the rim as he palmed the ball and dropped it into the basket as he came back to earth.  You have to remember this was before dunking was legal in college so it was even more impressive.

The storied place can be such a rocking venue, I hope all the Philly area alums are there to support the team.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

My time at Penn State encompassed 1971-74 and I too only saw 5 losses.  I knew a number of the players, played Rec Hall lunch time basketball with Chris Bahr, Ed O'Neil and John Cappelletti, who should have been on the basketball varsity with their skills.  One of my most vivid memories was Greg Murphy coming up behind me at Zeno's and lifting me up in the air, yelling in my ear "Ack, I got drafted by the Steelers!"  Was he ever excited. Needless to say we bought him a lot of beer that night.