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I am a 2005 graduate of Penn State, and an alumnus of the Penn State Marching Blue Band as well. After spending two years at Victory Bell Rings, and over two at Black Shoe Diaries, I am thrilled to be part of the founding group here at Roar Lions Roar.


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Comment 21 Feb 2017

Brown is a guy that showed you exactly why most freshmen need a year to get their legs underneath them. In an ideal world, he never would have seen the field as a freshman. With that said, I think you saw the athleticism that the staff likes. He just needs to get bigger, stronger, and learn the position more.

Comment 15 Feb 2017

This is 100% me throwing something at the wall here, but I'm wondering if Shep's struggles earlier in the year have created his scattered offensive play now. He's been relatively consistent and solid on defense, but as soon as he gets the ball on offense, everything speeds up, and he tries to force something. 

Comment 15 Feb 2017

I'm disappointed, but not surprised, to be honest. We've never played well in Lincoln, and there were all sorts of red flags we discussed yesterday. Travel, Nebraska being better than their record and having extra rest, and a young team trying to handle a brief run of success.

It was obvious early on they didn't really have their legs, given how they struggled to defend anything going towards the basket. 

Comment 13 Feb 2017

Haha, fair enough. 

As Dan said, nothing is going to happen on the recruiting trail until April. It's not like their big 2018 targets are visiting other schools either. It's just a different game than football recruiting.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

His last two classes have included Mike Watkins, Josh Reaves, Tone Carr, Lamar Stevens, and Nazeer Bostick. That's better than DeChellis and Dunn. Easily.

Ed Snuck into an NIT in year 3 with a 15-14 record, and 6-10 B1G record. He won the thing in Year 6, and promptly followed that up with an 11-20 season, and 3-15 B1G year, before getting into the NCAA tournament, in year 8, with a 10 seed, with easily his best/most experienced team. 

Jerry Dunn inherited a great team, by PSU standards, and promptly was upset as a 5 seed. That was followed up with a 10-17/3-15 year. His NCAA season, where he would've been fired if the Crispins and Co. didn't get crazy hot in Chicago, was followed up with 7-21 seasons. 

I don't know what to tell you if you can't see the difference between those guys and Chambers, both with results, and the talent level.

Comment 13 Feb 2017

I am entertained by the most athletic group of players Penn State has been able to put on the floor at once in a generation, at least. I am entertained by them getting better. Improvement is not a linear thing. There are ups, and there are downs. Like I said in what I wrote, this is how it is supposed to work, unless you're recruiting like a Duke, or Kentucky and you plug in NBA type athletes year after year.

Nebraska is a coin flip. They're down, but they've lost a TON of close games, and they play hard on their floor.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Yes, I do think they are perfectly happy with a guy getting early Heisman buzz.

Comment 09 Feb 2017

I think the biggest issue is the position be plays now is not where anyone really expects him to end up. Yes, he's a great athlete, but there's very little tape to go on as far as projecting his ability on the line.

He's also a borderline four-star right now. That seems fair to me given the difficulty in really projecting at this point.