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Comment 23 Feb 2017

Mix and match.  With the talent on the O line long grinding soul stealing drives and occasional successful deep balls every game will create the ultimate conundrum for defensive coordinators.  The cool thing is the variety and quality of receivers and running backs AND quarterbacks.  No matter what happens the depth means they can do it game after game after game.

If this upcoming team prepares properly and goes into the season with the right mindset they will be dangerous, I don't care WHO they play.

Comment 22 Feb 2017

I watched the TD catch multiple times.  I got the following from that one play:

1. He got off the line against press coverage really well.  Looked easy.

2. He was getting separation deep.  He had the corner beat by a step which, given it was against a USC corner, I'm guessing that guy has some speed.  Good sign.

3. Godwin saw the ball, read it immediately, and adjusted back to high point the ball.  He EARNED that catch and TD.

So to summarize: he beat coverage off the line; he beat coverage deep; ball was under thrown but he adjusted back and made a great play for the catch and TD.

Beating that corner was a significant indicator to me that makes me think he will be successful in the NFL.  I think he has work to do on his route running, particularly how he uses his eyes and head to create space and opportunity on his routes.  

Comment 18 Feb 2017

IF the coach has the experience coaching high level talent and exposure to high level competition he claims to have, his evaluations should make a lot of people comfortable with what PSU is getting.  He has OLDER brothers with high level experience.  THAT is significant because he has to be used to fighting for everything he gets.  There's a lot to like.

Comment 17 Feb 2017

The long term trend for the program is UP. Franklin has proven to be both a good coach ("great" remains to be seen over time; the possibility is there) and an excellent PROGRAM manager.  The PROGRAM is equal to any in the country.

As to recruiting, as Lombardi said "what the hell is going on out there?".....  I say that in regards to DT recruiting.  WHERE IS THE 5* DT recruit?  You guys need at least ONE of those.  Everything I read on every site has ALL the excellent DT recruits in the area going someplace else.  That needs to be fixed.

Finally, in regards to the "fluke" win over OSU because of a SPECIAL special teams play.  Wasn't it another PSU-OSU game that was decided by 1) an interception that WASN'T an interception (ball hitting the ground)?  AND 2) a field goal that took place AFTER the play clock EXPIRED that was ALLOWED by the officials?  WHOEVER wants to continue to scoff at how "legitimate" the win over OSU was during this past season needs to learn that SPECIAL TEAMS matter.  That plays made during a field goal attempt or an extra point or a punt or a kickoff count and matter just as much as a defensive play or an offensive play (which interestingly enough occur on EVERY play; it ONLY depends on which team you are a fan of, as to which it is!!!!).

Comment 13 Feb 2017

The 6ers got it right: TRUST the process.  

PSU got it right.  No one lost a scholie.  No one has panicked or rushed as PC built the relationships at the high schools and AAU teams.

Maybe things go REALLY well and the next 3 years are super successful.  Reality is, as pointed out by Matt, that these are kids, and each of the next 3 recruiting classes all start out as FRESHMEN.  The Al McGuire rule applies: the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores :).  

By year ten of PC's project you will have what you have wanted for a long long time. Capable, competitive, consistent, respectable.  All while keeping to your credo: SWH.


Comment 11 Feb 2017

Woohoo!!!  Two in a row.  Nebbie game could make the season.  That is going to be a TOUGH one.

I'm on record now: DEFENSE will determine that game.  PSU HAS to come out and play their best defensive game of the year, and they will win the game.  I hope they come out with an edge and an attitude.  No easy buckets.  NO cheap offensive rebounds or second chances.  No easy looks.  Talk and move and fight through screens. NASTY m2m.

Comment 11 Feb 2017

You know how frustrating it is to coach.  I know how frustrating it is. HOPEFULLY after remarks/observations like this from a coach at a school that interacts directly with PC AND is coaching D1 prospects, Lion will temper his remarks and MAYBE give some credence to the opinion that PC is close to having PSU be truly competitive.  

A light went on for me a couple of days ago.  I think the goal is the same type of "program" as Villanova and Michigan State.  It's not built around "one and done", and will require junior and senior leadership from players that improve and progress each year.  Right now they are lacking the overall depth AND the experience.  As you note, it will come.

Comment 09 Feb 2017

I took some time and looked at some of this years 4 and 5 star recruits, particularly one 5* that signed with Alabama.  Tarburton, to my untrained eye, appears as fast, as quick, as aggressive, as hard (or harder) a tackler, and just as good in pass coverage.  Maybe my eyes are too old; maybe the way I see it is crazy, but this kid is a LOAD.  He is taller and heavier than that 'bama cruit too.

Comment 09 Feb 2017

You get out of that bad habit if you play enough pick-up games and get tired of getting the ball swatted back in your face.  You learn that your jump shot HAS to come from a higher release point.  The way he appears to be shooting it now defenders can close him out from at least 1-2 feet further away.  I'm going to go back and look at the tape again, particularly from the perspective of what you point out: "the wind-up", paying attention to when he receives the ball to the time it leaves his hand.

I've watched Lonzo Ball at UCLA three times now, and I have NO idea how he makes his shot work, so maybe this is an unnecessary concern.

Comment 09 Feb 2017
1 apologies because I'm doing this on my phone 2. Moves extremely well. Doesn't seem to have great "hops" but can get up some. 3. Catch and shoot seems good 4. Uses either hand well around basket. 5. Spot up shot seems.good. 6. He's not "stiff" or awkward. 7. Need to.see.dribble drive pull up jump.shot. 8. Seems to be willing rebounder. 9. and seems to make.good.passes 10. Plays thru contact. 11. Seems to work on defense. 12. Needs to get stronger 13. Concerned about release point of jumper. Looks low to me. He seems, to me, to have the athleticism and basic skills to compete in B1G. How he develops over next 18 months will tell the tale.
Comment 08 Feb 2017

Your observations and conclusions are accurate if considered in a vacuum.  if taken in the context of a plan, those observations are exactly in line with where you would expect a young team with good talent (but not the level, across the board that you want to have) to be when competing in the B1G.  Put the play in context of whatever plan PC is working from and toward, and it looks (to me anyway) quite a bit different.

If, as I think, he is working to build the type of roster and program that Villanova has, he is still at least 2-4 years away from US seeing what his version of that looks like, from the style of play, quality of play, and roster makeup.  Since he just got his first significant recruits on-campus and onto the court this year, saying "1 more year" is short sighted. IMO the ONLY way you see if this will be successful long term is to see what the product looks like in 3 years.  Will he continue to recruit successfully?  Has the quality of play improved?  Have the kids gotten better year to year?

From building a foundation of the first five years, to transitioning that to a successful and sustainable program over the next five. You know where your program was when he got here.  Ten years to go from the outhouse to a nice 4 bedroom in a nice suburb;  You wouldn't take that, when all you have to do is be patient?

Maybe Chambers isn't able to close the deal.  Maybe he just can't do the game coaching as well as he does all the other aspects of the HC gig.  I don't think it is fair to assess that until he has completed the process he embarked on: when he has the players, when they have been in the program for at least 3 years, when they have played the system and worked each year getting better.  Again, my opinion, I can see where he is going, and it makes sense.

Comment 08 Feb 2017

First of all, I read your complaints and it is disturbing, and I want to yell at you.  But the frustration of "inexplicable" losses is understandable when taken as individual incidents.  Holistically, when looking at the where the "program" is at this juncture, it makes a ton more sense, but I still get the disappointment and angst you express. I think you are completely off base and prematurely impatient, and as you know have been arguing for patience.  While I was stating the need for patience, I was not, in my own small pea brain, not cognizant (to me) of the "plan" Chambers was working to implement.  I think I have figured it out.  If I have it makes good sense, it will take more time, and hopefully (if correct) provide the results you want.

What I figured out is this: PC wants to have the same type of situation that Villanova has: ie players that stay for 3 or 4 years.  Players that are good, that can improve each year, and that elevate the overall quality of play of the team.  "One and dones" are out of the reach of PSU at this time.  That still leaves a lot of quality players out there that can be considered, that would be capable of improving year after year for a 4 year period.  He runs the Villanova style of offense.  He is getting them to play the same style of defense.  He needs to them to get better at it each of the next 3 to 4 years (Zemgulis MIGHT be a classic example if he becomes the shooter they thought he was by next year), while during that time he recruits at the same level that brought the Philly kids.  The depth gets better.  The kids already here get better, and more mature and stronger, and improve on the level of execution at both ends of the floor.  THIS is year one of that starting to manifest itself.

Maybe, someday (I have said this previously), the "one and done" superstar picks PSU and the game changes.  But as Jay Wright found out and has stated repeatedly, that really isn't "Villanova basketball", that it isn't what his program and his team and the university are about.  I think Chambers wants to do the same thing and has been building towards it since he got to PSU.  I think I understand what he is trying to accomplish (in the broadest sense) and it makes sense for PSU.  A whole lot of good players, playing together and growing year after year, and consistently competing at a high level is achievable and sustainable.  

Will they make the NIT this year?  Maybe.  But more importantly will they continue to grow, will they impress even if they don't win, and will it attract the recruits PC needs to keep his plan on track?  That's what you need to worry about.  IMO the Philly kids are fully invested.  It will make a difference to those potential recruits considering PSU and should allow PC to continue building.  PATIENCE!!!!

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I watched the game tonight.  I thought about some of the musings on here from earlier today.  I think I have the "intent" of what PC is doing figured out.  The key is that he is just starting to get the talent he needs to implement it and have it be effective.

PC wants to do the same thing Jay Wright has done and is doing at Villanova.  He wants to get strong talent that will stay in the program for 3 or 4 years.  He wants to have his offense and defense be able to do the same things Villanova does.  The only way he gets there is consistent recruiting so that he brings in talent equal to the kids from Philly year in and year out.  

As noted by Eli at BSD, the Philly kids weren't really first choice for UMD, so they came to PSU.  I don't know if I completely agree with that assessment but it probably has a grain of truth in it.  Anyhow, with that level of talent he CAN run his offense, and have it grow more and more efficient as the kids play it year after year, particularly with the level of their talent.  The same will be true of his defense.

Three of four years into this process, with a higher level of talent recruited into the program and the consistency of having done this year after year, the results will improve, as will how the product looks and feels to the fans.  I get it now.  What you are seeing now is a glimpse of the future.  There will be setbacks.  It will be frustrating when that happens, but you have a chance to have the program you say you want.  

Comment 07 Feb 2017

Chris put the capper on this for me.  Who are you going to get to replace him if he were to be fired?  What I hear when I read the complaints is the expectation of wins, PERIOD.  So what are you willing to give up to get the "W's"?  You want a Brown or a Pitino to parachute in?  Are they or someone like them what you want to represent PSU?  

Really, what you want is the "W's" with all the other things you say you stand for. You don't care that the lack of commitment and resources for however many years before PC got to town created the burning bus.  You just want "W's" and to have the kids go to class and if they stay for 4 years to graduate.  You want the "W's" and for the kids to represent your school with class.

I'm not knocking or criticizing ANY other kid at any other school, but a huge proportion of the potential recruits are eliminated from consideration immediately because of the requirements of your school (grades, personal history, etc), AND the requirements placed on the kids when they get INTO your school (behavior, going to class, etc).  Are you willing to sacrifice any of that for "W's"?  

You are this far into a real process to create something long lasting and competitive, but I hear all this rumbling and grumbling about "W's".  Would you give up "success with honor" for some "W's"?  If the answer is no, then just sit back and have a beer (it's 5 o'clock somewhere) take a xanax if you need it, and let it play out for the next 3 + years.  Or as Bill Mahar would say: "stop being whiny little bitches".  (just kidding guys)  Patience.

Comment 07 Feb 2017

UD built "the Bob" with a capacity of about 5K.  I was (and still am) friends with the AD from that time, and I BEGGED him to make it at least a 10K capacity.  History says/shows we should have gone to about 7500.  YOU guys, if you were able to do this, should have a capacity that is at minimum, equal to Cameron, which is 11K. So say 12 or 13K with, just as you have done in Pegula, specific and focused seating for students.  

If you go too small, it becomes a huge pain in the ass later.  You need a Goldilocks to help you pick the right size if you were to decide to build it.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

Well Rob, THAT is a CULTURE issue!!! (tongue firmly in cheek!!!)  I am not the expert on how to create that sense of engagement and ownership that PSU needs to create within the student body.  But somewhere on your campus there has to exist, given the sheer numbers of undergrads on your campus, at least 100 or 200 die hard hoops fans.  Identify them and make it worth their time and effort to build a ground swell within the students.  You guys need at least 3 or 4 K students MINIMUM at every home game.  Grow it from there.

That is the numbers argument.  Somehow the students have to be convinced that THEY can make a difference in the winning.  It is not a binary equation.  There are multiple parts to this and the students, as fans and part of the university, have to step up and do their part.  I have no idea how to deliver that message or make it something they invest in, but they should.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

I didn't bring this up in my earlier comments but there are THREE other significant points that affect the program overall and effect what Chambers can do.  They are particularly significant to where the program is and what it will do going forward.

1. Facilities.  Did any of you see the facilities at Nebbie, that were shown when they did the piece on BTN about the kid from New Zealand?  Did you see their practice facilities?  And the facility they play their games in?  Do ANY of you want to compare that to what PSU has today?  Do you think that has an effect on recruiting?  Or that it has an effect on the "game" experience?

2. Student support.  REGARDLESS of the faciilty WHEN are the students going to get on board and turn BJC into an asset for the team?  When are 7 or 10 or 15 K students going to turn out for every game and turn the home gym into a place visiting teams are UNCOMFORTABLE in?  No matter what is happening with W/L's the students should be there.  Why isn't that happening?  After everything PC has done; after all the hard work the team is putting in both on and off the court: WHERE are the students?

3. PSU campus location.  I have commented on this before.  As a basketball junkie since I was about 8, I can go back and look at past teams and championship teams around the country.  YOU do it.  Look at the map. Other than a VERY FEW outliers, virtually ALL the winning programs can be found in or in close proximity to CITIES or larger metropolitan areas.  Go back to the days of Bill Russel or BEFORE then, with LIU and CCNY, or jump ahead to UCLA or UK or UNC/Duke (NC Triangle).  The PLAYERS, who PRIMARILY come from urban settings, are more comfortable in URBAN settings.  What PC has done at PSU pulling those Philly kids to PSU is HUGE.  AND given time, he will continue that success and improve the overall level of talent.  But getting kids into a remote campus/college town environment like State College is, IMO, a very difficult recruiting problem, that is being overcome by PC.

For the record, as a Blue Hen, Newark is a GREAT college town.  But if we really got after hoops, as we started to do when Mike Brey was the coach, in 10 years we could be competing at the highest levels.  PERIOD.  We are close to Philly (WAY closer than you guys); we are right off 95 and equidistant from NYC and DC.  We could go after ANYBODY and have a shot with the right coach.  But even then, it would take time.  We don't have the history or the culture or the infrastructure to make that move at this time.  BUT if the duPonts and Copelands and Carpenters wanted to do it, oooh we, it could be done.  The potential money is there.  PSU has significant unchanging obstacles to overcome that only time and patience and consistency can overcome.  As my father would say, "don't go pissing up a rope just because you don't get what you want right away".  Patience.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

At the start of the year I warned this was going to be a frustrating season.  And for the sake of comparison in regards to the loss to RU, who did Kansas lose to on their home floor?  UK went on the road to Florida and got blitzed.  I could go on and on, just look at what happened over the weekend in the top 25.  ALL of you that have ANY negative thoughts about where the program is and where is it going or where it SHOULD go are WAY ahead of the cart and the horse.  

Before you accuse me of being way to positive or not being objective, let me remind you: we don't know what is going on in the room.  We don't know who has the flu or had the flu or had a cold or has an injury.  Any number of things could have affected the team during any of those games, and the depth of talent on the team, when compared man to man against ANY of the teams they have lost to is at best equal to, or only marginally better (RU).  They are young.  They do not have that ONE exceptional talent that other teams seem to have.  For the freshmen, this is the "wall" time: as many or more games than they have played in a season along with school, travel, etc.  This is the grind part of the year.

This is a tough league, and contrary to all the pundits, I do NOT believe it is that far behind any other league.  There isn't that one or top ten/ exceptionally good team(s) as in previous years, but there are a lot of pretty good teams in this years B1G.

I will say this again: the CREATION of a strong, resilient, consistent and ELITE basketball program at PSU IS a TEN YEAR project.  Not five.  Not seven.  Not 9.  TEN.  So bite your tongue, deal with the frustration, and look to the future.  It is coming.  It will be good, but ONLY if you play it out.  Stop now and you will be starting over (UNLESS you would somehow convince one of the existing top 10 coaches to take over the program ; so you want a Pitino? ; imo there is NO WAY that happens) and extending the frustration and disappointment.

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Fellas I never considered the location.  Given the international scope of the competition it really doesn't matter.  Think about this: by just saying NO to America Iran improved relations with ANY and ALL countries in the world.  That INCLUDES our allies, such that they are today.

I really want to avoid politics because it REALLY makes me physically ill when thinking about it since the election, but if you want an unbiased take on the reality of how fucked we are, watch the Bill Maher show from last night (HBO).  A REPUBLICAN (MAN) strategist verbally eviscerated drumpf and his idiotic cabal for what they are doing AND how they are doing it.  I have been on record and have no problem repeating this: he and his pack of morons are destroying America and we will all be lucky if he doesn't kill us all.

Again, politics aside, that Iran did this never entered into my remarks.  We will become isolated from the world over the next 4 years.  Our athletes are now pawns to the mindless ineptitude of drumpf et al.  Think Russia and the Olympics circa 1980, except we (our athletes) are going to be denied participation.  The "ugly American" is back.

Comment 03 Feb 2017

I'm sure the wrestlers are disappointed.  But as they know, actions have consequences.  It's not politics, it's just facts.  And it is only going to get worse.  Alternative facts, bigotry, racism, xenophobia and hatred might be OK here (at this time), but it's not going to fly virtually anywhere else in the world.