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Comment 17 Apr 2017

The "starz" on defense is extensive.  DLine goes 15 or 16 deep (7 or 8 at end; 8 or 9 at tackle); linebacker depth is extensive; defensive back depth is greater.  Loss of Reid hurts, but IMO less this year than it would have last year.  BSD just did a piece today on the DLine, and none of the names mentioned includes any of the incoming class.  The Dline is going to be strong.  I predict they will, at least, be a Top 20 defense.

Comment 15 Apr 2017

This is going to add significant fuel to the fire of the game, specifically for Pitt.  "Slap in the face" is the term that comes to mind for the ONLY team to beat the ACC Champion, the B1G Champion, AND the national champion.  I don't think they needed any more incentive for the game. This is going to REALLY amp them up.

For PSU it is obviously an opportunity to clean up the memory of last years loss and, obviously, to poke Pitt in the eye.  

I don't think there are going to be any empty seats for that game.

Comment 13 Apr 2017

The Blades interview is kind of interesting.  Kid seems to have a big heart.  Given the history or significant games between PSU and UM (Miami), if he were to go to ANY school other than Miami, IMO it should be PSU.  Since Miami got Kelly from PA, it would only be fair that a Blades play ball at PSU.

Comment 06 Apr 2017

It sucks BUT PSU is better positioned THIS YEAR,to deal with an injury like this to such an important part of their defense, THAN THEY WERE LAST YEAR.  

Hope he gets well soon and does all he can from the sidleline to make next year as successful as expected.

Comment 30 Mar 2017

It's hard and futile to "compare" or project any player in any sport.  It seems to be what everyone does so: his history seems to compare to another PSU athlete that consistently played for, and WON, championships: Trace McSorley.  ALSO it would be fair to say that like McSorley, this kid might be being "undervalued".  If he is anything like McSorley, it would be a GREAT find.

As noted by OldLion, there is limited tape, so the question I am going to be concerned with is his athleticism.  If he is sufficiently athletic (speed, quickness, bounce, strength) he will be able to compete in the B1G.  If that one 3 point shot is indicative of his range, it appears he checks that box;  but the shot wasn't contested, didn't come off movement, wasn't off the dribble.  It was catch and shoot.

If PC is able to close the deal with this kid, it would seem a good start

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Brandon Bell made everyone on the defense better.  Look at what happened in the Rose Bowl when he left the game.  His interception was a GREAT play, but IMO the game would have turned out differently if he had not been hurt.  So I would give that INT back if I had the choice.  HE was the glue in the back end, so replacing his capabilities, not so much the physical because I believe there is plenty of physical talent that can be inserted into the lineup but the MENTAL, is the biggest challenge facing the defense.  That ability to recognize and make calls and adapt on the fly as plays develop.  As CJF said, he was a playmaker.  So can Bowen or Cabinda or Farmer or Brown or one of the others step up and be that "glue" and playmaker for this years defense?  That will be HUGE.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Mea Culpa.  I forgot about the injury.  HOWEVER, if he makes it back to be cleared for pre-season he could be in the mix.  I doubt he will be doing too much in the spring.  It's only about 6 months since the injury.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Villanova is his model.  Getting to the point where he has higher level talent from 1 thru 10, not just 1 thru 5 or 6, he will also have experienced leadership, not just freshman and RS freshman and sophomores.  Fouls will matter less; injuries will matter less.  

I think next year is a significant jump in competitiveness.

Don't screw up the recruiting by NOT doing the smart thing.  And as to the money: you guys are kidding right?  How much do you spend on football coaches?  Show the basketball world that you value the game.  Don't act like you are doing PC a favor or that the basketball team/program is the red headed stepchild.  Make sure the practice facilities are at least as good as Nebraska.  And fix the damn arena.  NOW!!!!

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Ten years.  That is what I thought it would take to build the program to be consistently competitive and to see "make the doubters happy" type of success (ie "dance" bids; 20+ win seasons; a shot at a B1G title).

This was year six.  He is already signed through year 8 (I think that is what you said and what my limited math skills tell me).  To sign him through year 10 should be a no brainer.  For all the reasons that you pointed out in the post, it is logical, reasonable, and the best course of action to continue to allow him to build.

For the record, I hate waiting; for ANYTHING. So it is not my nature to be patient.  Given what it is you want, HOW you are willing to achieve it (success with honor), AND what is required to achieve it, you have to be patient.  Do yourself a favor: suck up the frustration and do what is best for the long term: WAIT.  BE PATIENT.  Trust the process!!!!  (Hinkie is watching (maybe :-) )

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Dan, it's cool that you follow stuff like this blog and take the time to comment.  First of all, really glad your kid and all the UM kids are OK.  Scary stuff.

As to the commentary about the other PSU bigs, you have to remember that most of these guys commenting here, if not all of them, NEVER say either of those other guys play.  What you are hearing is the "didn't see it therefore it didn't happen AND it was OLD news".  NEW is always better than old!! :-)

I did see them play a few games, and IMHO Watkins is already better.  You've forgotten more than I know about the game so consider my opinion with that in mind.  Again, glad your son is ok.

Comment 05 Mar 2017

As my daddy used to say, "god willing and the creek don't rise.....".  IF he comes through next year in good health my guess is he weighs around 230 and runs a 4.30; he does 35 reps at 225; he verts 38 or better; he broad jumps 11 feet.  He has the possibility of exploding their heads with his workout results.  That's after he runs for 1600 yards and catches 25 passes for 600 yards.

Comment 04 Mar 2017

Ross was ridiculous.  But I have already tweeted Mayock twice about his "rating" or non-rating of Godwin, asking him how he rated Godwin now.  I also sent him the link to the analytics that show how accomplished Godwin is.

I agree with what Florio said at PFT: where did Chris go several times over the last 2 years.  2015 you can completely throw out because it was Donovan's offense.  But last year there were games where he seemed to disappear.  Was it the defensive scheme?  Was it the routes he had on the plays that were called? It would be a good exercise for bscaff over at BSD to analyze.

But between the bench, the vertical and broad jump  and 40, Godwin has opened a lot of eyes.  If he continues to impress with the last few drills IMO he is going to be a late 1st round/early 2nd round selection.

Comment 04 Mar 2017

I predicted (by voting in the poll several times) that he would run SUB 4.5 (so 4.4 to 4.49).  The REASON I predicted it is because of one play in the Rose Bowl.  I looked at it about 20 times.  That play was the touchdown on the tip when he went deep, when he was lined up split left.  If you watch that tape, he has the corner beat by at least a step when he turns back to the ball.  If McSorley had gotten the ball deeper he would have made the catch and scored going away.  It was press coverage, he beat the corner easily on an outside release, and they both started running up the field together and Godwin got separation.  And not just on any corner, but on a USC  corner.  I like the kid from Western Michigan, and I like the kid from Clemson, but I think Godwin is right there with both of them.  How he isn't in Mayock's top 5 is ridiculous.

Comment 23 Feb 2017

Mix and match.  With the talent on the O line long grinding soul stealing drives and occasional successful deep balls every game will create the ultimate conundrum for defensive coordinators.  The cool thing is the variety and quality of receivers and running backs AND quarterbacks.  No matter what happens the depth means they can do it game after game after game.

If this upcoming team prepares properly and goes into the season with the right mindset they will be dangerous, I don't care WHO they play.

Comment 22 Feb 2017

I watched the TD catch multiple times.  I got the following from that one play:

1. He got off the line against press coverage really well.  Looked easy.

2. He was getting separation deep.  He had the corner beat by a step which, given it was against a USC corner, I'm guessing that guy has some speed.  Good sign.

3. Godwin saw the ball, read it immediately, and adjusted back to high point the ball.  He EARNED that catch and TD.

So to summarize: he beat coverage off the line; he beat coverage deep; ball was under thrown but he adjusted back and made a great play for the catch and TD.

Beating that corner was a significant indicator to me that makes me think he will be successful in the NFL.  I think he has work to do on his route running, particularly how he uses his eyes and head to create space and opportunity on his routes.