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Comment 12 hours ago

The last 5 games of the season for PSU vs the last 5 games for Meat Chicken should leave no doubt in his mind which school he should select.

Beyond that, his father and coach should be able to cut through the "fairy dust" that Harbooger will try to mesmerize him with.

These are the kinds of recruiting "wins" CJF needs to secure, to build the overwhelming ability and depth necessary to compete at the highest levels annually.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

Maybe.  IMO too soon to tell, because it is still to early in the conference schedule.

You can't get wrapped up in tourney bids with this team.  They are so young, and the results from the season so far bear out what I thought, and what I said earlier: there will be ups and downs.  It is going to be frustrating and aggravating and disappointing at times.  Keep your eye on the prize, and that prize is a CONSISTENTLY competitive winning team that CONSISTENTLY attracts quality recruits.

Someday, maybe soon, maybe not so soon, Chambers will catch "lightening in a bottle", that one recruit that everyone thought was going to go to Duke or UNC or UK or KU or UCLA, and with the already good talent on campus, the whole program is transformed.  THEN you can talk about tournament bids from day one and SUPER HIGH expectations.

Sitting at a distance and evaluating PSU hoops without having the "need" for immediate success or gratification, I can see the issues, the obstacles that need to be overcome.  They are being dealt with (IMO), so be patient.  Beating MSU and a RANKED Minny back to back are clear signs of that; don't lose sight of that when the next "low" comes along.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

Defense is more about attitude, desire and willingness to work, than it is about "athletic" ability.  Larry Bird was a really good defender, as was Kevin McHale.  NOBODY would ever say they had the greatest athletic ability.  Same is true of Moses Malone.  Nobody would outwork those guys and nobody (other than MJ on Bird when he went for 60+) got over on those guys.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

"I feel the need, the need for SPEED"!!!  What do you guys think taking him will do to/for recruiting in PA overall?  I think taking him works for the program on many levels.

IF he pans out it is going to be a real coup on a year or two.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

1. You can't coach speed. How does his 100M time as state champ compare to SB's best/championship time?

2. SB is 5/11.  Journey is 5/11.  Does anyone have the 411 on JB's workouts/weight room activity?

3. I'm guessing he did not have "access" to some of the same opportunities to attend camps or to get exposure that other "rated/ranked" players had.  Thus his lack of starzzzzzz.  That is just conjecture on my part.

Anyhow, more film please.  More details please.  He could be a hidden gem (nobody took the time to look), a diamond in the rough (needs time with Galt), or a "reach" by the staff (we want a running back,,,,,).  The neat thing, frustrating thing, fun thing is, none of us are going to know for at least one year or more.

In the meantime, good luck Journey.  Study, go to class, study some more, do some football, study, socialize, have some fun, enjoy the opportunity.  Or as I would tell my own kids, take care of business (school), play hard, have fun.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

I know I go slightly OT because I use UDel references but ithose years were pretty good for us, too. There was serious discussion at UD about stopping up to D1 (it was D1, D2 in those days). My father went to high school with the Sports Info director and the info he got was the money people, the Carpenters and Copelands and duPonts decided it wasn't in the university's best interests. Anyhow, we were successfully competing against 'Nova ( which was D1 at the time) and Temple, which was being coached by Wayne Hardin ( coached Staubach at Navy). Tubby had a pipeline of talent coming from greater Philly area and New Jersey. It might be a different world if Ruly and Bob Carpenter had decided differently because we were have annual 9, 10 and 11 win seasons and winning championships.  As much of a fan as I am, I knew exactly what PSU was doing because my friends on the team were excited about the possibility of playing PSU. A lot of them were from PA. 

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Here's a table presented in a BSD post. 6 losses and 3 undefeated  seasons in a six year period.   I don't know the final rankings but I think there were at least three #2's  

Year Wins Losses
1966 5 5
1967 8 2
1968 11 0
1969 11 0
1970 7 3
1971 11 1
1972 10 2
1973 12 0
1974 10 2
Total 15

Comment 05 Jan 2017

You should, IMO, go back to and include the period from 68 to 78, which was and is the basis for what you are calling the best period for PSU, the 76 to 85 . Again, my opinion, I think the 68 to 76 period was the best. Three undefeated teams, if I recall correctly. Big bowl wins. Nothing but a lying, crooked president and one of my fraternity brothers (Darrel Royal) between PSU and two or three national titles. 

Comment 04 Jan 2017

I've read comments on other sites about his draft stock not being that high.  Lets see what happens at the combine and the individual workouts.  

I know nothing, but I am willing to bet he comes out better in the draft, after everyone looks at his tape and has him workout.

Good luck!!

Comment 04 Jan 2017

David Jones said it best in his video recap and his article after the game, and HE said he was quoting an old coach.  I have felt this for a long time: you can't measure or equate how a team comes together or how a season plays out.  What you get at one time may not be what you get another.  Anyhow, Jones said, "seasons are ephemeral; they are alchemy".  And that is correct.  This was the kind of lightening in a bottle season that may or may not be repeated.  Franklin is taking the right approach and attitude about "building" and doing all the right things to be able to repeat was done and accomplished.

Herbie is buying the flavor of the month, albeit a good one.  But it will be harder to get by OSU next year particularly if the reports are true about the former Indiana HC becoming OC for OSU.  His offense was scary with Indiana level talent.  I have trouble imagining what he will be able to do with OSU level talent.

I want ONE more 5 star defensive player in this years class, one that can come in and contribute right away, like Oliver did at Houston this past year, to make the D Line nasty and "sudden" and disruptive.  That would make next year really interesting.  :-)

Comment 03 Jan 2017

IF you could read, you would see the word "IF" at the start of the last sentence.  But hey, it's just a word.  And it was ALL CAPS for a reason.  Is English your second language?

Comment 03 Jan 2017

One other thing.  RE the O line, the competition is going to be fierce for starting positions.  You don't think Menet and Fries are going to go all out to try to win a spot?  With Nelson and Mahon back (and I am sure I am forgetting someone) that is at LEAST 6 guys for 5 spots. Whoohooo....  offensive line depth and talent!!  Does Barkley go for 2K +?

As to the D, Windsor is already 305, so he could do the nose tackle thing, but it just doesn't seem to be where Pry's strength and expertise lie.  What I could see happening is some form of hybrid stand up defensive end, maybe Simmons, who comes off the edge like the guy from Clemson that got drafted by Houston (I'm old and the name escapes me but we all know the picture of him blowing up the Michigan man in the bowl game :) ).  The recruits seem to be a bit larger and more athletic, but as noted by Craig, linebacker needs some depth.  The Reeder transfer is still a problem.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

At 49 points, I looked at the clock, considered who they were playing and thought: they need one more score.  Then I watched as the offense couldn't continue the great run they were on, and Darnold played lights out.  But what I really think was the key, is Brandon leaving the game after the interception.  He was having a great game and while they couldn't sack Darnold, with Bell on the field the defense was getting stops.  When he left the game, shortly thereafter old "mo" changed.

The ending made me cry.  So much effort.  So much heart.  Incredible courage and leadership.

Great season, and even in losing, a GREAT game.

For an old Blue Hen, this reminded me of the "shootout" with Youngstown in an FCS/D1AA playoff game (look it up).  Neither team would quit, and neither team deserved to lose.  Priceless.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I agree that he should be doing all he can to keep his assistants, PARTICULARLY when HE is receiving that salary.  Continuity at the DC/OC level builds long term success.

As to his ability, has he EVER NOT had a job?  Has he EVER seemed to be unwanted? I can't find any evidence of that.  So, my interpretation is, he is highly thought of as a coach.  Look at the names of the HEAD COACHES he has worked for.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

He (Nick) is having those conversations, so I bow to his direct knowledge.  Still, it seems to me, that on this stage, against this opponent, a strong showing can only add a positive perception.  And since I think Clemson is going to beat OSU (badly), it would amplify the effect. Maybe I believe too much in the transitive affect of the results, but I also think positive results can't hurt.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Rep and money and perception.  All the kids "see" and "hear" from the talking heads points them toward certain schools.  PSU was lucky this year to have had the season they did.  It created a window for them to return to the elite levels of recruiting.  It is only going to get harder for the other programs as the hype machines grow.  The game with USC is HUGE for what happens going forward.  A good game, even if they lose, establishes further credibility and opportunity.  Lose bad and it will be a huge setback.