Game Preview: Michigan Man Depth Chart

By John Morgan on September 23, 2016 at 10:30 am
Michigan Man, Jim Harbaugh
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Michigan doesn't release a depth chart and last week, Colorado’s SID Dave Plati made a fun one for Colorado prior to their matchup vs. the Wolverines. I reviewed the Michigan game film and below is what Penn State should expect for this Saturday's game.


Position STarter Backup Notes
Quarterback John Harbaugh (Brother, 6-4, 201) Jim Harbaugh (Toddler, 6-3, 190) Much like their Super Bowl meeting, John edges out Jim.
Running Back Jabrill Peppers (RS Junior, 6-1, 208) Tshimanga Biakabutuka (Senior Citizen, 5-2, 177) Peppers plays like 15 positions and half of the time he will play two at once.
Fullback Michigan Man (Senior, 6-1, 211) Jarrod Bunch (Senior, 6-4, 214) A Michigan Man is better than a bunch.
Wide Receiver 1 Michigan Man (Senior, 6-2, 219) Amani Toomer (Senior, 6-4, 229) A Michigan Man can cure any tumor.
Wide Receiver 2 Michigan Man (Junior, 6-6, 233) Tai Streets (Senior, 6-3, 221) A Michigan Man has unlimited street smarts.
Tight End Jake Butt (Senior, 6-6, 249) Jay Riemersma (Senior, 6-5, 255) Butt has more experience and beat out Riemersma on name alone.
Left Tackle Michigan Man (Senior, 6-7, 320) Michigan Man (Sophomore, 6-7,320) In typical fashion, the older Michigan Man is much wiser than his younger challenger.
Left Guard Michigan Man (Junior, 6-3, 295) Michigan Man (Freshman, 6-1, 299) A true Michigan Man would never lose out to a freshman.
Center Michigan Man (Senior, 6-1, 314) Gerald Ford (President, 5-11, 284) A Michigan Man will always be presidential.
Right Guard Michigan Man (Senior, 6-5, 333) Michigan Man (Sophomore, 6-1,311) A Michigan Man would never use Right Guard deodarant.
Right Tackle Michigan Man (Junior, 6-11, 401) Michigan Man (Freshman, 6-0, 298) A Michigan Man would prefer this position to be called correct tackle.


position starter backup notes
Defensive End Michigan Man (Senior, 6-4, 269) Dave Brandon (Senior, 6-0, 266) A Michigan Man lets the dominos fall where they may.
Nose Tackle Michigan Man (Senior, 6-2, 299) Glen Steele (Senior, 6-5, 279) A Michigan Man can melt steele beams.
Defensive Tackle Michigan Man (Junior, 6-3, 327) Alan Branch (Senior, 6-5, 301) A Michigan Man will always extend an olive branch.
Buck Michigan Man (Junior, 6-0, 266) Larry Foote (Senior, 6-2, 241) Think you're beating out a Michigan Man for a job?  My foote!
Outside Linebacker Jabrill Peppers (RS Junior, 6-1, 208) Michigan Man (Senior, 6-3, 221) Peppers is so good that even as a Michigan Man he will beat out any Michigan Man for a job.
Middle Linebacker Michigan Man (Junior, 6-0, 226) Jarret Irons (5-11, 241) A Michigan Man always irons his shirts before an interview.
Weak-Side Linebacker Michigan Man (Senior, 6-3, 233) Sam Sword (Senior, 6-3, 228) A Michigan Man is mightier than the sword.
Right Cornerback Jabrill Peppers (RS Junior, 6-1, 208) Jabrill Peppers (RS Junior, 6-1, 208) Peppers was able to win the job convincingly.
Left Cornerback Michigan Man (Senior, 5-10, 181) Ty Law (Senior, 5-11, 188) A Michigan Man makes his own laws.
Strong Safety Michigan Man (RS Junior, 6-0, 204) Chuck Winters (Senior, 5-9, 192) A Michigan Man embraces the challenges that winters present.
Free Safety Michigan Man (RS Senior, 6-2, 211) Cato June (Senior, 6-0, 225) A Michigan Man would squash a June bug.

Jabrill Peppers will handle all of the special teams duties by himself so there is no need to chart that out. Penn State will have their hands full Saturday vs. the #4 Wolverines and their slew of Michigan Men.


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