WIN FREE STUFF: RLR Weekly Reader Contest

By RLR Staff on August 31, 2016 at 10:26 am
RLR Block - Win This Shirt!

Enter our weekly RLR reader contest for a chance to win a free RLR shirt.

You like free stuff, right? Good! Roar Lions Roar is running a weekly reader contest and the winner receives a free RLR shirt from Store Lions Store.

Here are the quick and dirty rules:

  • We provide a weekly question, you provide an answer in the comments. If you don't have an RLR account yet, go here immediately and sign up. It's free and will improve your life dramatically.
  • If you win, we'll contact you for your size and address.
  • You can win multiple times during the season. If you're that smart and/or lucky, we'll reward you.
  • RLR staff can't win. We probably wouldn't, anyway.
  • If duplicate answers are winners, the prize goes to the earlier-posted comment. 

THIS WEEK'S CONTEST: Predict Penn State's total offense against Kent State (net yards). Remember that sack yardage is subtracted from the total. Leave your guess in the comments. NOTE: the Price Is Right rule applies. If you go over, you lose. We'll use the statistics posted on as the official tally.

The winner will receive this lovely RLR Brand Block shirt from Store Lions Store. Good luck and go create that free account!



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