Mess Boards: Pitt Post-Mortem

By Tom Kelly on September 14, 2016 at 10:04 am
do u vape


That happened. And as Craig so eloquently put, it wasn't without its silver linings. However, there's also the aftermath to deal with. No, I'm not referring to the actual football stuff, I'm talking about the next year or so of smug I-told-you-so takes from the dark Pitt web.

Where we're going for the immediate future, we won't need eyes to see.

yes it is all about the money you wombat

Yes, an away game will sell more season tickets. WOW, IF ONLY WE HAD COME UP WITH THIS GENIUS CONCEPT STRATEGY SOONER. And besides, we all know it's never about the money in college athletics.

oh no a poor

Oh my lands! If only there was someplace one could find financial information like that from a source that isn't some guy who 100% exists

aw jackrabbits

I thought Pitt fans hated the Big Ten? Maybe this guy was talking about fans of the Tom Hanks classic BIG. Everyone likes that movie, right? I mean that other guy is down for it.


So, uh, how many 3rd grade girls have you seen that are the size of Joey Julius?


Beauty takes a lot of shapes and forms. The rays of the setting sun hitting the sea, a pretty girl, a cool dog... To this guy, however, the most beautiful thing on the planet is some moron heckling a guy just trying to get to a football game. Because of course it is.

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