Mess Boards: This Is March

By Tom Kelly on March 14, 2017 at 8:27 am

Hello there! You may be wondering where I've been these past few months. Well, you see, there's a been one heck of lack of message board material with opponents like Indiana, Purdue, and USC (I know, I'm shocked too) spectacular laziness on the part of usually reliable infuriated internet people and myself I went on an extended sabbatical to the Phantom Zone things got busy. I know, I'm disappointed too.

But fear not, folks. I'm back! And with a teensy bit (read: a lot) more grey hair!

The nuclear winter of Ferociously Bad Takes has ended with a vengeance. Much like Batman rising out of the pit in The Dark Knight Rises, I am returning without a hint of explanation following a long absence as a result of being brutally beaten, be it by walrus-voiced Tom Hardy or Rutgers message boards. Speaking of Those Bad Places, shall we begin with our bestest frenemies? Yes, you know of whom I speak...

*extremely Boomhower voice* yup

Oh no, not our *furiously looks up on Acronym Finder* Fly Ball butts! Or our Fringe Benefit butts! Or our (god forbid) Fozzy Bear butts.

hail to wokka wokka

I hear you, man. I definitely prefer the cultural zenith of the 'Burgh in trying times like these. 

it me

Yeah I'm much more excited to play a much more willing annual rival like uhhhhh uhhh *flips through suspiciously large and empty little black book* UConn?


The eternal question of Pitt fans everywhere.

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