By Tom Kelly on September 15, 2017 at 8:00 am
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*takes long drag of candy cigarette* That was good for you too, right? Sure, this year's Pitt game was a little more nerve-wracking than I'm sure many of us have preferred, but I'm sure we're all more than fine with the end result. I know I had a Predator-esque giggle fit or two afterwards. Considering what happened last time we played and that I've spent most of the past year  far too long viewing the most blazing Pitt message board imaginable (most of which involved some variation of "42-39" or various other unmentionables), this win felt extra sweet.

And folks, if you thought the Pitt board's takes were hot after a win against PSU, just wait until you've seen how they react after a loss. Shall we?

*vapes extremely loudly*

Let's take a look at this post's greatest hits: 

  • It's really heartening to see that the renewal of the Pitt/PSU series is bringing in new football fans who don't realize that there is holding on every single play. 
  • Mangandled?
  • I'm not really sure why this guy wants a Philippine indie rock band to go postal on James Franklin, but whatever makes him happy, I guess. (Sidenote - I'm AMAZED that a search for "Narda" didn't pull anything up on Wookiepedia)
actually the definition of pond scum is pond scum

Yes, thank goodness that Nard Dawg always goes high!

Bane probably disagrees, IMO

I'm floored that a Pitt fan thought the atmosphere was better at a Pitt home game. Bewildered, even.

And it's amazing how rental properties can sometimes look better than homes you own. 

I have excellent independent thought since I'm reading the Pitt boards oh darn

Do you think this guy thought Theon was called Wreak that whole time on Game of Thrones? "I don't know why he acts so depressed and weird all the time, Wreak is such a cool name!"

And hahahahahahaha this guy thinks there are straight shooter college football head coaches hahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHA *takes deep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

isn't all folklore fictional?

I'm sure that beating Clemson was nice and all, but I don't seem to recall keychain charms commemorating that game being made. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that those charms were forged in the fires of Mount Doom Washington, and as a result are a big secret. Thank goodness for Twitter dot com, then!

good dog

I want to pet this extremely good dog immediately.

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