Roar Lions Roar College Football Viewer's Guide: Week Seven

By Kevin Fay on October 12, 2017 at 10:56 am
Red River Weirdness

Kevin Jairaj, USA Today


It's nice to have a rebound week after going a rather pedestrian 7-5 in the inaugural let's-see-how-bad-I-am-at-picking-games Viewer's Guide. Last weekend the final tally was 14-4, with the only losses coming because of Michigan, Wazzu (I'm sorry, I'm sorry I will never doubt you again), Oklahoma, and Florida. That brings the season tally to a somewhat respectable 21-9. 

Moving ahead to this week, the bad matchups will continue until morale improves. Thursday and Friday are going to be next to unwatchable, and Saturday won't be much better. There are intriguing games, but nothing that you would put your day on hold for. For your sake, just remember that there are weekends without football, and these weekends should still be cherished. 


  • Texas State @ Louisiana Lafayette - *sighs while longingly looking out the window* "We all die soon." Louisiana Lafayette, I guess. 


  • Clemson @ Syracuse - I mean at least it is a power five game. Clemson is an indestructible death machine on defense destined to face Alabama in the playoff, so if I were Syracuse, I would just maybe not get in the way. Something to keep an eye on though is whether or not Kelly Bryant plays after suffering an ankle injury last week against Wake Forest. Either way it shouldn't matter. Clemson 31-10.
  • Washington State @ Cal - I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to Mike Leech for doubting him last week against Oregon. It won't happen again. Cal has had a rough schedule as of late, and is facing its third top-10 team in four weeks. I think that will show, and because of that I am taking Wazzu big on the road. 38-14. 


  • TCU @ Kansas State - There are a couple of intriguing games in the noon time slot this week, starting with TCU on the road at Kansas State. Both teams are coming off of hard fought games. In Kansas State's case, a double overtime loss at Texas. TCU seems to be just a little bit better on both sides of the ball, and confidence goes a long way. It'll be tight, but give me the Horned Frogs 28-20. 
  • Michigan @ Indiana - Intriguing game number two comes on the heels of Jim Harbaugh losing another rivalry game. A lot has been written in the past week about whether or not he is overrated as a coach, but it might be a little too early to tell. A good indicator of what direction the program might be headed in is how a young team bounces back from a tough loss, and a bunch of criticism, on the road at Indiana. The Hoosiers boast a tough defense, but this is a game that should be won by Michigan. If they drop two in a row heading into Happy Valley, I would say the honeymoon phase for Jim Harbough is officially over. I think they bounce back, but if they fall behind early, look out. I'm still taking Michigan, 20-10. 
  • Texas Tech @ West Virginia - Raise your hand if you thought Texas Tech would be the ranked team heading in the week six matchup against West Virginia. Good none of you raised your hands. This game should be a ton of fun and probably too much fun for a noon start. West Virginia may no longer be ranked, but to my surprise, they took TCU to the brink last week. Texas Tech's newfound running game may end up being the difference. I'm gonna roll Red Raiders 38-35.
  • Purdue @ Wisconsin - We are officially over the half way point of the season so it is time to start watching the likely Western champ as long as Penn State remains in the race. Purdue has been far better this year than any of us anticipated, especially defensively, but I think Wisconsin has eyes on the prize. I don't see them falling, especially at home. 35-17 Badgers. 
  • Auburn @ LSU - This was pegged as potentially one of the best games on the entire college football season before either team played a down. Then Auburn gained 117 total (!) yards against Clemson, and LSU lost to Mississippi State and Troy (!) in a span of three weeks. Auburn has since rebounded and seems to be figuring it out on the offensive side of the ball, while boasting one of the nastiest defenses in the country. LSU, however, seems to be a team trying to find an identity. Even with this one in Baton Rouge I just don't think LSU has the firepower to hang with the Tigers. Auburn 34-16. 
  • Georgia Tech @ Miami - While we tore down the SEC last week for being exactly what it is, garbage, we have to praise the ACC at least a little bit. Miami looks like they really have turned a corner, and Georgia Tech is quietly sitting at 3-1 coming a mere yard away from being undefeated. As usual they are near the top in rushing with 82-percent of their production coming on the ground, while averaging 390 yards per game. It will be an interesting test for the Hurricanes, and I think I am going to have to go with Georgia Tech and ball control. 27-24.
  • Oklahoma vs. Texas - This game should be a bucket list item for any big college football fan (which if you are reading this, odds are you are). The annual game at the Cotton Bowl has lost a little bit of luster recently with Texas being down, but things are looking up in Austin. They have two nice wins in a row over Iowa State and Kansas State, and look to put the early season loss against Maryland completely behind them. Every time I have doubted Texas this year they have proved me wrong, so I am going with the Longhorns in a shocker, and completely eliminating Oklahoma from playoff contention. Texas wins 32-28. 
  • Navy @ Memphis - The Group of Five game of the week belongs to Navy and Memphis. The Tigers have a high powered offense but if they find themselves scoring too quickly this weekend, they may be in for some trouble against the nations top ranked rushing attack. Navy averages 414 yards per game on the ground, and that number likely won't shrink against what has been a porous Memphis defense. 
  • East Carolina @ UCF - I am only mentioning this game because as Morgan Moriarty of SBNation breaks down, UCF HAS SWEET SPACE UNIFORMS!
  • Texas A&M @ Florida - I know, I know, I kind of hinted at not including SEC games that are hot garbage last week, but it's slim pickings for primetime this week. Both teams need a win to stay in any sort of division race, as both fell last week. Before that, Florida looked like it had started to develop a pulse, and A&M actually gave Alabama more of a game than people anticipated (read, kept it within 30). My who cares the SEC is trash pick of the week is Florida 35-31. 
  • Arkansas @ Alabama - If Bret Bielema wants to keep his job he might just have to win this game. OK, it's not that extreme, but patience seems to be running short in Fayettville. Unfortunately for Arkansas, Alabama needed a full game to put away the Aggies. A Nick Saban coached team won't make that mistake twice. Going with last weeks prediction, 52-10 Alabama. 
  • Ohio State @ Nebraska - Much like we are watching the West contenders, we also need to keep an eye on our frienemies in the East. Nebraska put up a fight against Wisconsin, but turnovers ultimately doomed them. Ohio State looks to continue dismantling inferior teams. Nebraska got embarrassed last year on the road, and while they likely won't let that happen at home, it won't be pretty. Buckeyes 42-20. 
  • Utah @ USC - SEE I TOLD YOU I WAS RIGHT ABOUT UTAH. Good. That is out of the way. Yes they lost to Stanford but they are still a solid bowl team that should be in this game until the end. If their defense can create havoc against a pretty bad USC offensive line, this one could go to the wire. Utah doesn't have a Sam Darnold or Ronald Jones, so I am going with the Trojans. 27-17 USC.
  • Michigan State @ Minnesota - Well Michigan State sure has burst back on to the scene haven't they? Their offense is about as bad as we all thought, but their defense is much improved. PJ Fleck dunked on Michigan, maybe hoping Sparty might let them score a little, but Dantonio is an emotionless robot so I don't see that happening. Michigan State gets some more confidence and beats up on the Gophers in Minneapolis, 24-10. 
  • Washington @ Arizona State - All of Arizona State's losses have come against teams that either were previously or are ranked in the top-25. That trend continues this week. Whether people actually see them or not, Washington is really good. Huskies roll 45-23.
  • Oregon @ Stanford - #PAC12AfterDark week seven kicks off at Stanford this week at 11pm! The Cardinal seem to be finding their groove again after opening 0-2, and Oregon is football's incarnation of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Since this is #PAC12AfterDark, I am taking Kevin Hogan being named the Browns starter as a bad thing. 
timeslot primary tv backup tv mobile device
nooner? I hardly know'er Michigan @ Indiana (12:00 ABC) Texas Tech @ West Virginia (12:00 ESPNU) TCU @ Kansas State (12:00 FS1)
i need about 3:30 Oklahoma vs. Texas (3:30 ESPN) Auburn @ LSU (3:30 CBS) Georgia Tech @ Miami (3:30 ABC)
afternoon delight Navy @ Memphis (3:45 ESPNU) Rake the leaves Have a beer in triumph
primetime Texas A&M @ Florida (7:00 ESPN2) Utah @ USC (8:00 ABC) Ohio State @ Nebraska (7:30 FS1)
#pac12afterdark Boise State @ San Diego State (10:30 CBSSN) Oregon @ Stanford (11:00) Washington @ Arizona State (10:45 ESPN)