Report: Big Ten To Cancel Fall Football Season

By Nick Polak on August 10, 2020 at 11:54 am
The Big Ten logo dominates a lightly trafficked Monument Square in downtown Indianapolis on Thursday after the conference announced it was pulling the plug on the men's basketball tournament over coronavirus concerns.
Mark Emmert/Des Moines Register

In what is hardly surprising news at this point, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Big Ten has officially voted to cancel the fall season. The school presidents reportedly met and voted on Sunday. 12 of the conference schools voted to not play this fall, while Iowa and Nebraska were the only two schools that voted to play.

After the MAC decided to cancel the fall season, many speculated that it would only be a matter of time before all of college football joined them. Many players across the country have been vocal about wanting to play this fall despite the circumstances, but there have also been several high-profile stars, like Penn State's Micah Parsons, to opt-out due to concerns including but not limited to the virus.

The Big Ten will reportedly make the news official on Tuesday. Additional details on the league's path forward will likely be made available at that time. New Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren reportedly prefers a spring season, though there is also still some time to get that figured out if that does become a reality. Roar Lions Roar is already on board with such a scenario