Roar Lions Roar College Football Viewer's Guide: Week Six

By Kevin Fay on October 7, 2021 at 9:00 am
Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Spencer Rattler (7) drops back to pass against the Texas Longhorns during the Red River Showdown at Cotton Bowl.
Credit: Andrew Dieb, USA Today Sports

Well, we have reached our third iteration (or if you are James Franklin, sixth) of The Most Important Game of the Year for Penn State, and all eyes will be on Iowa City. As funny as it is that Gameday chose to go to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry, don't think the importance of this game is lost on anyone.

On a related note, there are other college football games this weekend! Some of them are good! Let's jump in and take a look at all of them that should be worth watching.


  • Both games on Thursday will be a blowout. But if you want to watch possibly the most fun group of five offense in the country, check out Coastal Carolina, who is just absolutely blowing teams out this year.


  • Stanford @ #22 Arizona State 10:30 ESPN - Nothing like Friday night #PAC12AfterDark to start your weekend off. We are nearly halfway through the season and I still have no idea if either of these teams are any good. Stanford has been aided by a little bit of luck (see: last week), but they are still a solid team. This is by far the best game of the weekday slate.


  • #6 Oklahoma vs. #21 Texas 12:00 ABC - Arguably one of the best rivalries in college football gets the Gameday treatment as it likely should. The Big 12 is going to have very few opportunities to showcase their conference this year, and Gameday is going to have plenty of upcoming Big Ten games to choose from. As far as the game is concerned, the offenses should rule the day. Spencer Rattler is slowly finding his footing, and Texas is a week removed from dropping 70 in a conference game.
  • Maryland @ #7 Ohio State 12:00 FOX - For one reason or another Maryland has given Ohio State a bit of a scare a couple of times. Iowa exposed them, but Ohio State does not have anywhere close to Iowa's defense. Maryland truly could be one of the few teams capable of scoring with Ohio State, as long as they don't turn the ball over seven times.
  • #13 Arkansas @ #17 Ole Miss 12:00 ESPN - Speaking of exposed, two over ranked and over-hyped teams play each other this weekend to decide which one goes 8-4 and which one goes 9-3. They both are good but not great. Should be a fun offensive ballgame though.
  • #2 Georgia @ #18 Auburn - Bo Nix assumed his final form a few times on Saturday and was able to do just enough to lift Auburn past a mediocre LSU team. That does not bode well for this weekend. I came to the conclusion last weekend that this Georgia defense is the best college football defense at least in my lifetime, and no form of Bo Nix can overcome that.
  • #19 Wake Forest @ Syracuse 3:30 ESPN2 - Until they lose, I don't want to hear a word about MY Demon Deacons.
  • #9 Michigan @ Nebraska 7:30 ABC - These two teams haven't played too much since Nebraska joined the Big Ten, but the series is tied 2-2. The games have gone one of two ways, either Nebraska wins a tight one, or Michigan blows them out. I think the latter happens Saturday because I don't think Nebraska's defense is good enough to stop man-ball.
  • #14 Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech 7:30 ACCN - Slightly more annoying than Notre Dame's ranking is that this game is one of the only watchable primetime games and it's on ACC Network, which I do not get. Oh well, go Hokies.
  • LSU @ #16 Kentucky 7:30 SECN - While I don't think any rational person would still want Will Levis over Clifford at this point in the season, it is great to see his team have some success. His interception rate suggests a little bit of Brett Favre syndrome, but Kentucky remains one of the few unbeaten teams in the land, and if he can figure out the turnovers, they could be in line to finish second in the East. LSU remains mediocre, and that's ok. 
  • #1 Alabama @ Texas A&M 8:00 CBS - Remember a few weeks ago when A&M was in the top ten? That was cute and fun! Everyone who complained about Kellen Mond is finding out just how bad life can be without a good quarterback. A&M's defense I don't think is quite good enough to keep this one close, and Saban is smart enough to not let them hang around at home and at night. This one should be over early.
  • Yet again, #PAC12AfterDark is a state of mind.

The guide

timeslot primary tv secondary tv mobile device
Noon #6 Oklahoma vs #21 Texas ABC Maryland @ #7 Ohio State FOX #13 Arkansas @ #17 Ole Miss ESPN
3:30 #4 Penn State @ #3 Iowa (4:00) FOX #2 Georgia @ #18 Auburn CBS #19 Wake Forest @ Syracuse ESPN2
Primetime #9 Michigan @ Nebraska 7:30 ABC #14 Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech 7:30 ACCN LSU @ #16 Kentucky 7:30 SECN
#pac12afterdark Cold pizza The beer you opened and forgot about UCLA @ Arizona 10:30 ESPN
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