Roar Lions Roar College Football Viewer's Guide: Week 7

By Kevin Fay on October 15, 2021 at 8:00 am
Kentucky s Will Levis celebrates scoring a touchdown against LSU.
Scott Utterback/Cour USA Today

As unlucky as Saturday was, the bye week couldn't be coming at a better time. The back half of Penn State's schedule is just as loaded with tough games as the first half, but the Lions need to get healthy and put the garbage of Iowa City in the rearview mirror. In the meantime, that means it is time to scoreboard watch. I'll be touching in on all the games of national importance as well as meaningful games for Penn State from here on out.


There are a couple of games worth keeping your eye on come Friday, notably Clemson at Syracuse and Cal at Oregon. Watching Clemson this year is just a reminder of how important good quarterback play and recruiting are. A good reason to watch Oregon Friday is that Joe Moorhead will be back on the sidelines following recent surgery. As always, we are rooting for you Coach.


  • UCF @ #3 Cincinnati 12:00 ABC - This game was looking a lot more interesting a few weeks back before the wheels came off for UCF, but if your idea is to clear the path for Penn State, then this is one of your last chances to knock out Cincinnati.
  • #10 Michigan State @ Indiana 12:00 FS1 - It is time for the Big Ten East to start shaking itself out and it starts with a Michigan State team I think is kind of fun, but also rather fraudulent. After getting beat up in Happy Valley, Indiana is coming off a bye week and will be looking to show the world that their preseason ranking was no fluke. The rooting interest is the Hoosiers.
  • #12 Oklahoma State @ #25 Texas 12:00 FOX - Looking forward to another weekend of asking if Texas is back followed by emphatically reminding everyone that Texas is, in fact, never back.
  • Auburn @ #17 Arkansas 12:00 CBS - As always, you want teams Penn State beat to be successful. Last week's Georgia game went just about how everyone expected it to, and things don't get that much easier against a solid Arkansas team that needs a win in the worst way.
  • #20 Florida @ LSU 12:00 ESPN - LSU is low-key pretty bad, but this still could be a fun game, so keep an eye on it.
  • Nebraska @ Minnesota 12:00 ESPN2 - The winner of this game moves on to have the right to be the team that beats Iowa in the most hilarious fashion possible.
  • #11 Kentucky @ #1 Georgia 3:30 CBS - Good thing Will Levis is built from pure marble because as has been stated over and over again Georgia's defense is terrifying. I do think this game will end up being moderately close just because Kentucky's defense is really good too, but I doubt Georgia will ever feel threatened.
  • Purdue @ #2 Iowa 3:30 ABC - Purdue usually has one chaos game a year in them. It would be extremely funny if this was the weekend for it. They better just hope no one gets hurt, wouldn't want Iowa fans to get extremely mad on and offline.
  • #19 BYU @ Baylor 3:30 ESPN - A nice out-of-conference surprise in the middle of the season for everyone. This should be a fun game and I wouldn't be surprised if these two teams end up in the same conference within the next ten years.
  • Pitt @ Virginia Tech 3:30 ESPN 2 - Don't look now, but Pitt is in a solid position to win the ACC. Kenny Pickett is putting up great numbers. This is exactly why Pitt will lose in the most painful way imaginable.
  • #5 Alabama @ Mississippi State 7:00 ESPN - Tune in to see what sick, demented ways Nick Saban cooks up to torture poor Mississippi State on Saturday after getting stunned by A&M!
  • TCU @ #4 Oklahoma 7:30 ABC - Until Oklahoma stops playing one-score games, they are going in the viewer's guide no matter who they play because blowouts apparently aren't a thing for them this year. I don't necessarily think Oklahoma has to lose a game for Penn State to have a shot at the playoff, but it helps.
  • #18 Arizona State @ Utah 10:00 ESPN - As usual, the PAC 12 makes no sense even in the slightest. This should be a great game though with Utah seemingly righting the ship after starting 1-2.

the guide

timeslot primary tv secondary tv mobile device
noon #10 Michigan State @ Indiana FS1 #12 Oklahoma St @ #25 Texas FOX Auburn @ #7 Arkansas
3:30 #11 Kentucky @ #1 Georgia CBS Purdue @ #2 Iowa ABC Pitt @ Virginia Tech ESPN 2
primetime #5 Alabama @ Mississippi State 7:00 ESPN (Viewer discretion advised)  TCU @ #4 Oklahoma 7:30 ABC  Make some pumpkin cookies 
#pac12afterdark #18 Arizona State @ Utah 10:00 ESPN Air Force @ Boise State 9:00 FS1 Eat the cookies