Roar Lions Roar College Football Viewer's Guide Week 13

By Kevin Fay on November 24, 2021 at 3:25 pm
Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback C.J. Stroud (7) throws a touchdown pass to wide receiver Garrett Wilson during the first quarter of the NCAA football game against the Michigan State Spartans.
Credit: Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch-USA TODAY NETWORK

Apologies for missing last week, life got in the way. However, the Viewer's Guide is back, refreshed, and ready for what promises to be a fun final week of the college football season. 


There is only two games on Thursday, and only one that is really worth watching which is the Egg Bowl (7:30 ESPN). It has long been one of the better rivalries in college football, but when it gives you moments like D.K. Metcalf pretending to pee on a fire hydrant, it really elevates the entertainment value. 


  • Boise State @ #21 San Diego State 12:00 CBS - This game means a whole lot to both teams and will likely shape up to be one of the better games of the weekend. Both teams sit in first place in their respective divisions and the loser will need help to make it to the championship game. 
  • Kansas State @ Texas 12:00 FOX - Texas has given Steve Sarkisian the dreaded vote of confidence. RIP Steve Sarkisian.
  • #16 Iowa @ Nebraska 1:30 BTN - Iowa needs to win this game and needs help to win the West since Wisconsin owns the tiebreaker. Nebraska would love nothing more than to spoil that chance for Iowa. Unfortunately for them, they will be attempting to do so without 39-year-old Adrian Martinez, who will be out with an injury. 
  • #4 Cincinnati @ East Carolina 3:30 ABC - As it sits right now Cincinnati is in the College Football Playoff, which in my opinion they probably should be. I also think they need to earn it, which means they need to win big this week and next in order to stay in. Every other power five team on the fringe is trying to make their statements as well, and if Cincinnati struggles, all they are doing is opening the door for themselves to be left out. Regardless, I can't wait for the 12 team playoff.
  • Missouri @ #25 Arkansas 3:30 CBS - I mean, it's on. Might as well watch. I cannot say I have watched a single second of Missouri football this year but I did learn tonight that they are bowl eligible! 
  • North Carolina @ #20 NC State 7:00 ESPN - NC State is out of the Atlantic race with the loss to Wake Forest, but the game still does mean a great deal for state pride and bragging rights for a year. Both offenses are quite fun and it should be a competitive, high-scoring game. Definitely one to just zone out on while recovering from likely at that point your fifth or sixth Thanksgiving plate in 24 hours.
  • Washington State @ Washington 8:00 FS1 - Both teams have lame-duck coaching staffs but at least Wazzu has had a few weeks to adjust. All I am hoping for is maximum weirdness for a late-night PAC 12 game at least once this year. 


  • #2 Ohio State @ #5 Michigan 12:00 FOX - As I have stood by all year, I don't think Michigan is that good, but their defense is good enough to keep it competitive this year. Having two first-round talents at defensive end could be the key to throwing CJ Stroud and this high-powered Ohio State offense off balance long enough to be within striking distance at the end of the game. If I am Ohio State, I look for ways to get the ball out quick and let your prolific wideouts make plays. 
  • #18 Wake Forest @ Boston College 12:00 ESPN2 - Wake Forest is in a win and you're in scenario for the ACC Championship game. Boston College got Phil Jurkovec back last week but the rust was very apparent. If he is able to shake this off, this game could have potential. 
  • Florida State @ Florida 12:00 ESPN - This game is absolutely disgusting and I can't wait to watch it. Both teams seem allergic to success which makes the fact that the winner is bowl eligible even funnier.
  • #3 Alabama @ Auburn 3:30 CBS - This game looked much more appealing at halftime of Auburn's Mississippi State game, and then Bo Nix broke his ankle, the Auburn defense gave up something like 40 points in a row and it has been all downhill since. 
  • Oregon State @ #11 Oregon 3:30 ESPN - Quietly having a nice season this year is Oregon State. After a completely uninspiring performance last weekend if Oregon isn't careful they could be losers of 2 straight.
  • #14 Wisconsin @ Minnesota 4:00 FOX - For Wisconsin it is simple, win and you are in. Minnesota has seemed to struggle with more physical teams this year, so this matchup doesn't really bode well for them. They will need to ride Tanner Morgan if they want a chance.
  • #15 Texas A&M @ LSU 7:00 ESPN - The primetime slate is a bit light this week with all of the games so spread out, so you get this. 
  • #10 Oklahoma @ #7 Oklahoma State 7:30 ABC - Bedlam takes on even more significance this year as a one-loss Big 12 champion should have at least an outside shot at the playoff. Oklahoma responded to the Baylor loss with a gritty effort last week and will need a similar grind it out approach against one of the stingiest defenses in the conference. Oklahoma State's balanced attack will likely give Oklahoma's defense trouble. Unless Caleb Williams is on, I think Oklahoma State wins this one somewhat comfortably. 

The Guide

timeslot primary tv secondary tv mobile device
noon #2 Ohio State @ #5 Michigan FOX #18 Wake Forest @ Boston College ESPN2 Florida State @ Florida ESPN2
3:30 #3 Alabama @ Auburn CBS Oregon State @ #11 Oregon ESPN #14 Wisconsin @ Minnesota (4:00 FOX)
primetime #10 Oklahoma @ #7 Oklahoma State 7:00 ABC #15 Texas A&M @ LSU 7:00 ESPN #23 Clemson @ South Carolina 7:30 SECN
#PAC12AfterDark #6 Notre Dame @ Stanford 8:00 FOX #13 BYU @ USC 10:30 ESPN  Cal @ UCLA 10:30 FS1