Penn State Recruiting Update: Micah Parsons Highlight Tape, Ambry Thomas Commits to Michigan

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I hope they can land Wade or this could be an underwhelming finish to the 2017 class.

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I think it's worth considering at this point that we are landing neither Wade or Kaindoh. And that's OK.

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Not getting a 5-star recruit is hardly grounds to call it a disappointing finish.

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I think there's merit to his point. It doesn't mean the class will be a disappointment (it'll be solid even if we stay at the 15 already committed), but I think "underwhelming finish" will be the sentiment if we walk away with none of the big prizes still considering us. I know it's been said that the strong (and unexpected) season that they're having on the field will be more evident in the 2018 recruiting cycle, but it should at least factor in for 2017 with those recruits that already had us considered. Maybe it helped in flipping Hansard, but if we end up walking away without Wade, Kaindoh, Hamler or Proctor (among others), how much has it really helped? That said, I think we land one or two of them, maybe as soon as tonight...

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First of all, I doubt you ultimately end up too disappointed with the guys you listed. Secondly, to even get into the conversation with Kaindoh and Thomas, among others, at the late point they did, is impressive. Right or wrong, Franklin has always wanted to fill up classes early so they aren't focusing on a large number of players down the stretch, or not be reliant on filling holes with guys deciding at the last minute. Couple that with the tepid end to the 2015 season, and what was going to be a smaller class anyway, and it makes sense PSU is in this spot. 

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Yeah you guys are right. That was my morning pessimism speaking pay no mind haha

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The guys still in play are A+. We'll be good!