FWD I am back: The incredible joy of Penn State's 2016 season

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This has been the most fun Penn State season since the year I started following this team closely, which was when I arrived as a freshman in 2005. Even more fun than 2008 because in that year you knew the tables were set pretty nicely for a run if QB play allowed it.

This year, there were so many question marks. I think literally everything was a question mark except for Saquon Barkley. And to cap the B10 season on the winning streak they did was incredible. There's no way next year could be better, right? Unless it ends in a playoff berth?

Even then, there's just something about the feeling of playing with house money... that sense of, whatever, this team is WAY ahead of schedule, so just enjoy the moment... that won't be there. Not that a PSU win isn't always fun, but there was something about the run this season that was so magical, it'll be damn near impossible to ever re-create that part of it.