Roar Lions Roar Turns One

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The truth is you guys do a great job, and this platform is better than any of the other PSU sites I've used. Good work!

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I read "Lavar set the mood for the battle with the Badgers" and briefly wondered what LaVar Ball did because I am a tremendous idiot.

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I will not argue this.

Senior Editor - Roar Lions Roar

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Congrats guys! Happy you guys are around. You've done a good job and I especially like that you highlight both the positives and negatives of the PSU teams, and offer rightful criticism when it is warranted.

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This is a Good site to get info and to read on funny stuff from social media... and Tuddies.

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Congratulations on reaching your first birthday!  You sure grew a lot in just a year.

RLR is a fresh respite during my hectic days that I always look forward to.  My hats off to the excellent group of writers assembled here for keeping us up to date on all things involving our beloved Nittany Lions.  Onward to a bigger and better second year.

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Congrats on the one year anniversary.

I have enjoyed visiting the site and keeping up to date on all things Penn State for the year and enjoy the high quality writing.  The t-shirts are pretty funny too.  Keep up the good work!


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Gotta be honest,  I enjoyed selective reading of the enemy site similar to this one.... especially regarding  recruiting similar players.  Now I just come here and I can enjoy 100% of it!  Thanks!

Dayton PSU fan

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Thank you all for the work and quality #content you keep churning out. Subscription money well-spent. <3

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Y'all are very nice. Thanks for coming by.

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Thank you all, sincerely, for the comments, and for reading RLR over the past year. 

Senior Editor - Roar Lions Roar

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Thanks for the great content y'all. Love the site and the pod.