Narduzzi Puts Pitt On Lockdown

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It is only natural to fear the Tuddies. 

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All other coaches go so far out of their way to talk up how much they treat every opponent as equals, and how each demands respect and attention to detail, whether it's Alabama or Portland State coming to town. Never a good strategy to talk up an opponent, act differently and change routines.

Oh well!

Never forget Virginia owes us a home game

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As if the PGH media is going to do/say anything that Narduzzi doesn't approve of

Congratulations to, uh, Mr. Boner.

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It is important to remember the true purpose of intercollegiate athletics: giving the local media something to fill their column inches.

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If Penn State loses, I'm blaming it on Franklin allowing the kids to talk to the press

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Well, seeing how I don't give a fuck about that dude, his players, or anything they'd ever have to say about this game, I officially declare this to be "Whatever", said while making a dismissive wanking motion.

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Luxurious, gold-plated bravado.

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With fang and claw to shred your face
They will erase the human race
Time to kiss your ass goodbye