Reconnecting With my Penn State Fandom

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Peter, welcome back. Now, please tell us where you hid the statute when you left us.

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I'm still reconnecting. Have still only watched 1.5 quarters of the Kent game -- had to go sell popcorn with my kid at Lowe's for Boy Scouts (one of my least favorite things in the world - turning kids into beggars, but I was outvoted on abandoning this fundraiser this year in favor of mulch delivery, which is actually useful and people actually like).

Haven't gone back and watched the rest of our game yet but it's still on the DVR. Did stay up and watch the 2nd half of UT-ND live (wife is a Domer, but I watch more of her games than she does). Now that, that was a hell of a thing.

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We're all the Kent State returner and Joe Julius is Tuesday morning after this weekend.

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Welcome back!  This will be a great season to make your return.  Hopefully there are many others out there like you.  There were too many empty seats in the stadium on Saturday. 

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Welcome back Peter.

I still don't wear my jerseys outside of the apartment. I really had given up commenting places until this one came along...seems like a good gathering place for those of us that seem to all have had similar shifts in fandom recently.

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but considering the God-forsaken menagerie of teams I root for

u mean buffalo stuff right 

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[Pete and myself nod sadly in unison while taking a sip of Genny Cream Ale]

Chief Scientist at Roar Lions Roar

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Everything will be just fiiiine just keep sipping that Genny until you can't feel your extremities and it'll all be over soon enough

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My girlfriend said I'm never allowed to try buffalo stuff.