Penn State's Offense Vs. Michigan's Defense Is Key Matchup In White Out Affair

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Just don't see it. Yeah, their defense will be in our backfield a lot, and they should be able to limit run production. PSU will be in their backfield a lot as well. But, I don't see Michigan being able to both limit run and shut down passing. PSU is going to get its yards through the air, and enough on the ground to matter. Meanwhile, the PSU defense is pretty damn stingy too and they don't have to worry near as much about the anemic passing game of Michigan. So, while PSU can stack the box to limit the rush from Michigan, Michigan has to defend both the run and the pass equally. Potentially low scoring, yes. But I can't see Michigan getting more points than PSU unless PSU does dumb things like allowing a pick-six or other stupid turnovers. Keep in mind that PSU is excelling at turnovers - PSU is #2 in turnover margin and UM is #95th nationally. If anyone should be worried about turnovers, it's UM.

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I'm feeling the same way. Their offense is ass, my dude. As long as our D can continue dominating Mich is going to have a long night. Limiting turnovers and holding on to momentum should really control Michigan's output. Offensive wise, I can see this being a pretty lack-luster game for us. I would expect a defense-dominated first half, and us to slowly start to pick them apart in the second highlighted by a few big plays to eat up the field. I just don't see Mich containing both the run and the pass all game. A low scoring game in the end.

Limit mistakes, force a turnover or two, and keep them pinned via special teams and I would expect a more convincing win than what the final score will show. 

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Keep reading and hearing "Michigan's #1 ranked defense" - Yeah it is ranked #1 in total yards allowed.

But Penn State's defense is ranked #1 in points per game allowed - only 9 points per game vs. Michigan ~14.5 per game (still top 15 I think)

Yeah, their defense is good (VERY good) and, I get that they have different opponents, but at the end of the day, wins and loses matter, right? So, I'll take fewest points allowed vs. fewest yards allowed any day.

Not taking anything away from either team but "selective" reporting is nothing new.

My arse is itchy.

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This a revenge game. This is a Whiteout.  Throw the stats away.  Michigan's defense will get worn down because the unit will be on the field a lot from the offense's three and outs.  I think this will be a repeat of NW in that the score will be close at the half, but Penn State will have a huge 3rd and/or 4th quarter to make for a lopsided final score. 


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Our advantages include the offense being able to practice against a defense that is at least equal or better than Michigan in the run up to the game and our amazing punt game that will give our defense long fields to harass the Michigan offense and, hopefully, force the turnovers for short fields, that will put up a two score or more lead that will force Harbaugh to abandon the ground game that in turn will lead to more turnovers from their anemic passing game.