Seven Thoughts From the Best Angle of Carr's Game-Winning Pass to Reaves

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As we eagerly await the announcement of the rematch with Rider* in the NIT than no one is calling for, to be played in front of 1500 (whose attendance must be punishment for some misdeed) at the BJC, here are a few comments and the 2 big questions everyone wants answered.

On point 6, Eric, no, there should be no love for Pat Chambers.  In a later post, I will show the numerous poor decisions Pat Chambers has made that turned what should be a team waiting for its NCAA seeding next Sunday into one relegated to the Not Important Tournament.

I find the implication that Chambers outcoached Holtmann quite funny; maybe it's just a bad matchup for Ohio State, but that wouldn't fit the narrative.  At your other hangout,, this implication is even taken to another level.  The funniest/most ill informed I've seen was people calling Brad Underwood a "high school coach" for his loud tirades in the huddle.  Brad Underwood has already accomplished more in his coaching career than Pat Chambers ever will; to equate him to a high school coach or gym teacher just points out the lack of non-Penn State college basketball knowledge of most of this fanbase.  I will bet you anything Brad Underwood will be at Illinois or another high profile program long after Pat Chambers is gone from PSU.

Now, the questions everyone has on their mind: 1) Are Watkins and Carr staying or leaving?  2) What type of extension will Chambers get?  To answer the first, if both get the proper advice, they will stay.  Watkins needs to develop some post moves as well as a midrange jumper,  Carr needs to work on finishing at the rim (getting strong will help), develop a Bryant McIntosh type floater and continue to tweak other aspects of his game.  However, I put each at 50/50 staying.

Second, I think Sandy gives Chambers a 2-3 year extension with a minimal raise and a small buyout.  Chambers has no leverage, he will be forced to take the deal.  He could, however, play riverboat gambler and double down on himself.  If Sandy proposes the type of deal mentioned above, Chambers could counter with a one year extension, betting on a deep NCAA run next year to provide him the success needed to push for a more lucrative deal at that point.  If he does that, he better know that both Carr  and Watkins are returning.

*I know they won't meet due to seeding.

Welcome to the 2018-19 Pat Chambers Farewell Tour!!!!!

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Underwood's off to a pretty terrible start in Champaign. Mark Smith's already transferring after an underwhelming freshman year. A lot of smoke that Leron Black is gonna graduate and leave, as well. You can rave all you want about Underwood's three years as a DI coach before this, but he better pick up the recruiting ASAP or he's gonna be gone in 3 years. You need more than one 5-star kid that's not even likely to stay for 3-4 years. 

I find the implication that Chambers outcoached Holtmann quite funny; maybe it's just a bad matchup for Ohio State, but that wouldn't fit the narrative.

This is hilariously pathetic. Any suggestions why Holtmann never threw out any zone looks against Carr since they clearly couldn't guard him man-to-man?

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Eric, I also have a degree from UIUC, so I follow the Illini closely and know what is going on there.  Let's try your negative spin on Penn State from an "outsider's view";  the team underachieved, there have been academic and behavioral suspensions, rumor is Carr and Watkins will leave and others might follow, Chambers only has one year left on his contract and that will making recruiting tough...

As for Holtmann, maybe he was concerned about Garner and Reaves, along with Carr from deep as to why no zone.  He needed Dakich in to run the offense; maybe he figured he could imitate his old man covering Jordan in playing D vs Carr.  When looking at the year as whole, given the season OSU has had and how they have overachieved vs PSU's underachievement, I think Holtmann can be given a pass for some questionable in game coaching vs PSU. 

Hilariously pathetic?  That's what I call those trying to paper over the many flaws of Pat Chambers.  7 years, no NCAA appearances, including this year with one of the top 4 starting lineups in the conference.  No developed bench, scheduling to save his job meaning the team has no margin for error in making the tournament, no structured offense, poor in game adjustments...I would say that is just sad.

Welcome to the 2018-19 Pat Chambers Farewell Tour!!!!!

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LOL. While other teams are celebrating making the NCAA Tournament, you are celebrating and immortalizing a play. One play. A play that did nothing more than inch the team closer to the tournament which the Used Car Salesman has never made. Above and beyond that, that one play wasn't even enough to move the team to the first four out. One play. A great play, but still... one play. While OSU celebrates making the NCAA Tournament, you celebrate one play. It's no wonder you champion the Used Car Salesman. Until you set your sights higher, demand, and expect, more, he will always deliver less than that which is possible. I hope rewatching that one play keeps you satisfied for years to come. I am sure the Buckeyes and Wolverines and Spartans and Boilermakers and all the other 68 teams are enjoying making the NCAA Tournament much more. 

Hey, maybe in 20 years, you can gather round all the guys from that one play and have a reunion get-together. Celebrate that one play and toast the greatest accomplishment in the Used Car Salesman's 7-year career here at Penn State.