Bottomless Pitt: Panthers Recruiting Continues to Live in the Past

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At least it's not the basketball team that they are talking about.  I read somewhere that they had an average just north of 4K attendees (purposely did not use the word fans to protect the innocent that were drug there under duress).

Nard-o is more than likely licking his chops waiting for the dominoes to fall at MSU so that he can come in and save they day for ol' Sparty.


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It's a little irritating how they act like that loss kept us out of the playoffs, when it's really the thumping by Michigan that did that. 

Also, I can't even remember the score of last year's game (you know, the most recent time these two teams played). Maybe it'd mean more to me if Pitt's loss did more to them than missing out on a chance to lose to the Big Ten's 6th best team in the Beef O'Grady's Bowl or whatever.

 I really hope this year's game just reinforces how Penn State is on a completely different level.

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So sad, Pitt really is taking the little brother routine to heart.  I think that is a better analogy than a gnat bugging you, because little brothers have always been much more annoying than a gnat.  Really, getting away with swatting the little brother is always so satisfying, much more so than ending a gnat's life.