Hoops Podcast (Episode 2.9): Nittany Lions in the NIT

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75 minutes?!? That has to be a record.  Fortunately I dislike my job enough that I need any distraction to get through the work day.  

In terms of this season, I was a bit hesitant to call this team an NCAA tourney team when it started, so I would call myself satisfied with the results of the season in terms of an NIT berth since it at least showed some progress.  However, at its peak, this team has shown that it compete with some of the better teams in the country so I can understand if those call it a bit of a disappointment.  The consistency just wasn't there to warrant an NCAA bid. 

I hope that next season's schedule in the non-conference is better, as this team deserve a real chance to make the tourney.  Even though it may not help the overall record, I also hope they get some more home and homes with the best teams in the league like Michigan State, Michigan, and Purdue.  You aren't going to win most of them but having more shots at the better teams is why some of these bubble teams made it, especially those in the ACC.  Plus it gives you more of a margin for error if you do slip up in a game or two.

In terms of the luck factor on KenPom, I think the last time PSU was rated so low in that number was in the 2009-10 season, the year between the NIT title and NCAA tourneys.  That team was a big disappointment record-wise and I recall a number of close losses.

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The longer podcasts are usually my fault because of my insistence on spending the end of each podcast just messing around.

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