Roar Lions Roundtable: If You Had $15 to Build a Team...

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QB: Trace McSorley

RB: Larry Johnson

WR: Allen Robinson

DL: Courtney Brown

LB: Lavar Arrington

DB: Alan Zemaitis

I actually started with Zemaitis since I loved his physicality and his presence on that early 2000's defense. From there I went to Trace, since he's mobile and will be (as mentioned above) the most decorated QB statistically in PSU history. After that I went with A-Rob since he was able to create big plays and yardage on his own (that 70ish yard run @OSU, the dominance in the 2nd half vs. Syracuse in Hack's first game, etc.).  After that I went with LJ (though can I specify LJ in his final season?). From there I went with Brown, an absolute monster on the D-Line. And I rounded out my team with Lavar, an absolute freak athlete whose highlights are still played at the stadium today.

How do I let them know because of the unfreezing process, I have no inner monologue? I hope I didn't just say that all out loud just now.

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LaVar at $2 is still amazing too me. 

Senior Editor - Roar Lions Roar

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Lemme get Trace ($3), Saquon ($4), Godwin ($1), Cortney Brown ($3), Lavar ($2), Marcus Allen ($1) and you can put the last dollar towards some 2018-19 Natty Champ merchandise.

All kidding aside, Lavar Arrington at $2 destroys the integrity of this whole exercise. 

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Looks like we have to convert DL to OL in this exercise.  Luckily PSU has experience with that!

My kingdom for a Z key

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This is a fun one, I'm going with

Matt McGloin, LJ2K, ARob, Tamba, Poz, and Marcus Allen.

Gotta stick with the hometown Scranton kid at QB.  LJ going for 2K is the reason I fell in love with PSU as a child.  ARob made the second greatest play I've ever seen in Beaver Stadium.  Tamba made the best play I've ever seen in Beaver Stadium.  And Poz and Marcus Allen just straight up wreck dudes.  And I got a dollar leftover to save for a chicken finger basket.  

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Easy for me.  McSorley, Barkley, Godwin, Brown, LaVar, Zemaitis


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Isn't the value pick, Hall of Famer Jack Ham for only $1? 

Any way, LB- Jack Ham ($1; Hall of Fame); RB- Barkley ($4; all know reason he's on team); QB-Blackledge ($2; Nat'l Champion QB); DL- Courney Brown ($3; No. 1 pick); WR - Alan Robinson ($3) and DB-Alan Zematis ($2)


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McSorely Barkley Robinson.  Who cares who you line up on the other side because no one is going to outscore them.