Not Impressed: Twitter Reactions to Saquon Working Out

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H8ers!  Like you guys said the deadlift into an immediate box jump + all the other shit is what's impressive.  Plus Saquon isn't a powerlifter, he's a football player!  We've seen him power clean 405.  I don't think it was implied that 315 is his max trap bar deadlift.  He probably doesn't even know what it is because there'd be no point in him testing it.  I think last year one of the coaches said they stopped him at the 405 power clean because he "proved his point".  But you're right armchair athletes, you're totally equivalent.  That's why you were also drafted no.2 overall and also make millions of dollars.

My kingdom for a Z key

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Dont you guys think Saquon looks just smooth running next to Gurley?  I mean Gurley is amazing... is the real deal... and Saquon kinda makes him look... gawky.

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Several people mentioned that. It's unbelievable. 

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It's crazy. Someone pointed it out during the trap bar deadlift + box jump. Saquon jumps immediately after lowering the trap bar in one smooth motion. You see Gurley in the background deliberately do it in two motions. But for all we know, Gurley started the workout earlier and was tiring out. Either way, impressive stuff.

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Yeah man, no wasted motion, no coil down lower to spring up, just straight up 3 and a half feet in the air. And they're different types of work for your muscle! One is a controlled lift, and one is an explosive motion. One after another.