2018 Penn State Season Preview: Illinois Fighting Illini

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ForTheGlory's picture

Unfortunately for Lovie, his NFL cachet has not carried over on the recruiting front.  Without quality recruits this is what you get on the field.

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They've recruited moderately better with him than they were. I'm amazed they've fallen off as much as they have though. Illinois is not an impossible place to win, but they've made some catastrophic coaching decisions.

Senior Editor - Roar Lions Roar

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I agree. They should be in that 2nd tier with Iowa and NW in the West.

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Ron Zook pulled in great talent, but hadn't the slighest clue what to do with it. Then it fell apart so fast. 

At the very least, they've shown a willingness to pay a coach. The next step is just pay the right one.

Senior Editor - Roar Lions Roar