Nike's Penn State Free TR V8 “Week Zero” is On Sale Now

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I was kinda bummed that PSU didn't get a version of the Zoom Command shoes that came out for some schools earlier this year. They actually had some tech in them, namely the heel/forefoot zoom units that I'm sure were very comfy. 

Not that these all-foam ones aren't comfy, it's just that you aren't getting a ton of tech for 110 bucks.

THAT SAID, a little pro tip...... wait on these. They haven't sold out upon release since the first versions a few years ago, and I've managed to find them on sale during the next winter each year for a discount. Paid 40 for the second version after they filtered out to a Ross store all the way here in WI, and only about 48 for last year's version on Nike's own site once they hit clearance. Last year's were definitely the most comfortable of the 3 so far and these look pretty similar, so I'd say that bodes well for comfort.

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Agreed. I bought the first ones months after they came out for like $50.