Roundtable: What is Penn State's Biggest Trap Game of 2018

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Iowa is always a trap game.  Always. 


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I don't think Wisconsin is a team they'll overlook. Iowa is a good choice, but they're also going to be at least pretty good this year, so I don't really see the team completely overlooking them either.

I'd go with Indiana if I had to pick one. Not supposed to compete for anything (except a bowl berth) and if anything, the team could get caught looking past them specifically because of the stretch afterward that starts with Iowa.

All that said, I don't think any of them are really trap games. If there's ONE think Jimmy Franks has been masterful about, IMO, it's keeping this team focused on the next team, the next game, one week at a time. A lot of coaches pay it lip service but I think it really is one of the biggest pillars of his coaching philosophy.