I Love That James Franklin Challenged That Fourth Quarter Fumble

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Craig Fitzgerald's Biggest Fan's picture

I loved it! Mostly to help keep Slade’s confidence up, show the team that every play in every game matters, and to make the 85 or so Pitt fans sit there and wallow with their 85 or so scholarship players in bad weather just a little bit longer. It was delicious in every way, plus it was probably a call they should have overturned anyway. 

ForTheGlory's picture

I think it goes beyond your two excellent points.  Letting Clifford throw when he came in and the challenge on the fumble were direct STFU slams at Narduzzi for his game week sniping at Miles and Wade, insinuating they should have made a better choice and came to Pitt.  It is a no class action for a head coach to talk about opposing players just because he is butt hurt they didn't choose him.

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People nowadays are too sensitive (just look at tennis with Serena William's and her apologists). I am fine with this. No big deal.