Final Thoughts: No. 17 Penn State 30, No. 18 Iowa 24

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Truly can't understate Pinegar's performance. Three long and important kicks for a true freshman that really had been struggling. I hope that trend continues because he was money. 

fighters, I said fighters

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Hi I'm second half of the season Pinegar and I have Direct TV
I'm first half of the season Pinegar and I don't actually have feet.

Sean "The Big Red Dog" Clifford to Daniel "Curious" George, the PBS Connection

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A win is a win is a win! Now for the hard facts: special teams are not so special and getting worse, yes, it was wet but still a couple of dropped passes and so so efforts, play calling isn't getting any better (or is it the plays?) , again the O couldn't close out the game in the 4th. Seven games into the season and we haven't come close to a good complete game effort. The D did play pretty good and seems to be improving, we'll need them this week.  If their was ever a game to pull it all together it is this week in the big house.  I'm not sold on MIch being so great, but we have to get our act together, our we could get embarrassed up there again.