Final Thoughts: No. 14 Penn State 20, Rutgers 7

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Maybe this is the alcohol speaking, but Trace does not look good.

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Trace doesn't look good because he isn't good. He is an average 1A dual threat QB.

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Says a lot about how terrible of a program Penn State is that an average 1A QB has more wins than any other quarterback in program history. YUCK!

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I can't believe we didn't see Tommy. I'm actually shocked. Our most punishing runner, like a guy that will guarantee 5+ yards every time, and he wasn't even out there for one Lion play?? I've been standing by Rahne through all this, but that was a flat out mistake. 

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DISGUSTING! The D played pretty good but they better step it up to stop Maryland. The O, well not much good to say, missed passes, dropped passes, fumbled the ball in the last 1+minute, couldn't run against a terrible defense, another Rahne masterpiece. Tommy should have played, Trace is not right.  Good luck getting a great bowl game after that exhibition. Time to get out some pink slips.


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Trace hasn't looked good since the Ohio State game. I know they haven't disclosed anything, but I'm gonna keep plucking this chicken-- I think his shoulder or elbow is dinged up. I know his knee is hurt, but it's not his plant knee. He should still be able to plant and bring his hips through and all that. He doesn't look like he's lost any power, he just looks off. 

Pinpoint accuracy has never been his calling card, so I think that's why all the sudden his issues are more glaring. He didn't have a huge margin for error for his accuracy to get worse. This is NOT be saying he's a bad quarterback or he isn't one of the finest to ever play at Penn State, but he's doing things like missing wide-open guys with alarming regularity the last few weeks. Something has to be wrong.

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Dissapointed Shorter couldn’t have come down with that deep ball.  I was listening to Steve and Jack but it sounded like he was out manouvered by the DB.

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I think he just had trouble adjusting to the ball. He was in front of the DB, but just mistimed his jump.

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