No. 12 Penn State to Meet No. 14 Kentucky in Orlando at the 2019 Citrus Bowl

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Not what everyone wanted but ya know what - lets make the best of it! Send off Trace well.

also, had ZERO idea that Kentucky had 9 wins.. surprised they are better than a&m and Auburn!

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They have been a really fun team this year. They were looking like real contenders in their division until they played Georgia. Benny Snell is a pretty good player and has all the charisma in the world.

"Maybe I'm just a dumb defensive coach"

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Not what we hoped for but it is what it is. As stated 3-2 overall with the Cats, and they did beat Florida. It's a chance to knock some wind out of the SEC, hope we're ready.


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Admittedly underwhelming but a really solid bowl against a solid team which will look nice if we can get up for this game and pull it out. I was reading some Kentucky forums and they view this game as validation of their season; they got 9 wins and get to play one of the 'big boys' in a bowl game. There's a chance their team may be a bit more motivated than ours but I gotta believe these seniors want to go out with a 10th win and our defense is scarier each week.

Never forget Virginia owes us a home game