Jim Delany on Conference Realignment: "It's An Item That Has Been Discussed Before"

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I am all about no divisions: https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2016/6/15/11923938/big-ten-sch.... The guaranteed 3 annual opponents needs some work, but I prefer this model.

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Honest question:  Does the NCAA mandate that conferences with 12+ member must split into two divisions and that the teams in a division must play all other members within that division every year?  Why should we be forced to play Rutgers, Maryland, Indiana, etc every year and only play Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc. only every once in awhile?

Wouldn't it be better for the B1G if they would just scrap the divisions and simply go to a rotational home-home series with all the teams evenly and have each team have a protected 'rival' opponent each year in the final week?  Seems like a simple solution to me.

You can take the top half of the conference teams:  OSU, PSU, Michigan, MSU, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska (they'll get their ish together at some point right?), string them out in a lineup, then place one of the bottom half teams in between each of the top half teams.  Then you just play the rotation, going down the list. You'll play a good team every other week and a meh team every other week so you won't get these murderers row lineup where you'll play three top 15 opponents in consecutive weeks and get all beat up.  Then go back to eight conference games.  So you'll play four 'good' teams and four 'average' teams a year.  I think the B1G went to nine conference games when they added Rutgers and Maryland to help boost the frequency of the opponent rotation on the opposite divisions.  But if we can scrap the divisions then nine conference games won't be necessary anymore.

Then the two best teams will go the the B1G Championship like the way that the Big 12 does now.  Let's be honest, the real B1G Championship game this year was OSU vs Michigan.  Like the previous two years prior was OSU vs PSU.  The conference championship game should be between the best two teams, period.  It shouldn't matter which division they are in or if they already played earlier in the season.

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The obvious problem here is teams with yellow or gold being on your schedule. Pitt, Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, Notre Dame. Eliminate them from schedules and you're looking at possibly 2 B1G teams in the CFP every year since 2016.

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