A Michigan Man Appreciates Only The Most Refined Humour

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Michigan Men (tm) have to cope with the fact that they're Michigan Men. I would be humorless and angry too

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Brian Cook is an incredible interesting case, in that he is basically one of the godfathers of the college football blogging world, built an unbelievably successful site (mgoblog) on his own, but seems to be so utterly devoid of the joy and whimsy that it's all about. 


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This is the drivel PSU is going to have to face from now on. I'm sure people are reveling in the fact that they are getting crushed so handily. While I'm fully prepared to deal this, it would be easier to take if PSU could beat a good team once in a while to throw it back in their faces once in a while.

Oh yeah.....please tell me Jared from Subway didn't go to Penn State...

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The Googles seem to indicate he went to Indiana, actually.

"We have too many people that are analyzing everything, and sometimes they don’t know what they’re talking about."
-Joe Paterno

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For a 39-point win that was never, ever in doubt, Walmart Wolverines sure dumped a cart of low-priced items and attitude on our notifications.

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Treb, the internet, like college football, is very serious business and not for jokes.

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