Why Early NFL Departures Are Good For Penn State

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Didn’t know this was a hot button issue?! All top programs have early departures. You want that. I guess a possible downside is guys coming out early and not getting drafted? But that happens with any team.


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Thanks for writing this article, Michael!

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This is a bad take. Losing one or two every year is fine. With a single exception (Saban), regularly losing more than a couple players to the draft ultimately gets you fired or pushed aside.

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Actually, your take is bad. Take two seconds and look at the premiere attention Saquon is gathering not just for the football program, but also for Penn State. "Okay," you say, "but he is a once in a generation talent and personality. Franklin is going to lose his job if he can't keep players." What you're missing is not the big picture, but the actual picture. Penn State Football wants its players to be good here and then also be good in the big leagues. Should Givens have stayed? Probably. Should Bates or McGovern have stayed? Probably. Their experience with our program is amazing and they were extremely high level players. But they're gone and have legit shots at an NFL roster (Givens..maybe). Now, Franklin can walk into any recruits living room and say, "Hey look at the players I am sending to the pros. You can be that guy too because I am that good." That line will bring the top guys here, which is good for Penn State Football, good for Franklin, good for Sandy Barbour, and good for Penn State. 

tl;dr Franklin isn't going anywhere unless he has a few 3-9 seasons and stops recruiting at an elite level because that's part of his job.

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We'll see what happens to these five and how we are next year without them.