What Do You Think of the NCAA Transfer Portal?

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I'm pretty torn. On one hand it's really good that the players have a little power to try to even the playing field, but on the other it's a bad thing that coaches switch so often, so merely allowing players to also do that bad thing doesn't exactly make the situation right.

I read somewhere a framing of it that just said players can play on the best team allowed by their talent, so its a question of should you play on the team that fits your talent when you're 18 or when you're 20? Players who develop early get to play at the best schools, but if you're a late bloomer you never get that chance? I've seen the suggestion of giving all players a single penalty free transfer, but then any after that would definitely have to sit out a year. There's a compromise in here somewhere but I'm not sure where it is, and I don't think the NCAA is the body to appropriately find it.

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I don't think the NCAA is the body to appropriately find it

This could be their motto. A regular student can transfer whenever they want, why shouldn't an athlete? Yeah it sucks for the sport, but the players should at least be allowed the same basic decencies afforded to their peers.

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