No. 1 Penn State vs. Buffalo: Bo Nickal and Jason Nolf's Senior Day

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it's unknown what the NCAA will decide at this time

It's good to know that they are equally terrible across all sports and it's not just a football thing. I hope Nevills gets to wrestle Sunday, we will probably be up by a million bonus points by then, and I like to see seniors get their due.

"Maybe I'm just a dumb defensive coach"

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I would hope Carr doesn't get seated 1st for the Big Tens. For whatever reason he dodged Lee, he didn't wrestle Mckenna either, in addition he has 2 losses. This dodging opponents to not hurt ones ranking (he could have been ill, but should make no difference) seems to be a new thing.  Buffalos' 2 best kids didn't wrestle against PSU Sunday, I suppose they were both sick???? Yes, Rasheed could be penalized for all his missed ranked guys, that's just the way it is, has to be consequences.