Analyzing Big Ten Pre-Seeds Part 1 - 125 Pounds Through 157 Pounds

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The only way Lee should be second is if they only take Big 10 matches in consideration for seeds. Carr didn't wrestle the top two guys in his weight, he has two losses,  why he did not wrestle Lee doesn't matter, he didn't step on the mat. Their seems to be a strategy going on to dodge top ranked people to not hurt your ranking.  This has to be addressed, sick or not, not wrestling should have consequences. Lee lost in overtime, Carr has won, barely, several matches. Carr should have to go through McKenna .


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Well this is the Big Ten Tournament, and they only take in consideration Big Ten matches, as they should. Carr is undefeated in conference, Lee has 1 loss to a guy Carr beat. It is frustrating but it makes sense, and should probably play out the way that it has. Carr wrestled Ohio State's backup, just like Lee wrestled Illinois' backup. How do you make many distinctions apart from looking at their common opponents? 

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I've heard a lot of talk that Schnupp has no chance to qualify. I really don't think that's fair, considering he's been getting better all year, and he only has to make it to 9th. Obviously that requires some upsets, and I don't think it's the most likely scenario, but I think he definitely has a shot at it.

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I don't think it's impossible, but I do think it's asking a lot of him to qualify. He's got a legitimate bloodround candidate in the 1st round, and then he'd face the loser between two guys he hasn't beaten before. I'm not expecting much from him besides an 0-2 finish in all honesty. He is getting better, but that doesn't mean he's at the level of a lot of these Big Ten kids.