Was Jim Delaney Good for PSU, the Big Ten, and College Sports in General?

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For PSU at least, I don't think it could have worked out better. Without him do we join the Big Ten? Possibly, it seems that that had a lot more to do with Illinois president Stanley Ikenberry and Bryce Jordan than Delaney. After that however, BTN alone has meant we get to watch every football and basketball game, as well as most important wrestling and volleyball matches, not to mention the just obscene amounts of money it has brought in.

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By in large, it's been a massive win for Penn State, in my opinion. We of course complain about the refs, or the perceived bias of conference officials, but you'd have those same issues in other leagues. At its roots, Penn State is much more of a Big Ten type of University than ACC or the old Big East. 

The biggest benefit has undoubtedly been the financial aspect. No other league generates as much revenue as the Big Ten. You can of course argue whether that money is going to the right people, but it's allowed PSU to not only continue to field a large number of varsity programs, but do so as a high level. 

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