Spring Football Questions: Defense

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I'm super excited about the chance to see Oweh opposite YGM on the ends, but it's also shocking to be reminded Simmons could still be here for 2 more seasons. If he puts it together, add in Windsor really turning it on in the last third of the season that unit could be scary good.

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The depth of talent at DE is staggering. Even more when you consider Micah Parsons isn't even playing there. I'm cautiously optimistic about DT. There are a lot of bodies there, and some highly regarded ones at that, but they need someone to step up. The overall youth of guys like Mustipher, Culpepper, Barber, and Hansard (when healthy) is the biggest concern. It's a position where physical maturity is huge, and it's not something you just create. 

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I'm certain we'll see Wade starting next month and in August. I took him staying to mean that he was all but guaranteed the starting spot by the coaching staff. Once we get into the meat of the schedule, I think is where he has the chance to lose the job if he doesn't keep up.

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