Pat Chambers Will Return to Penn State for 2019-20 Season

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There's a part of me that wants to be angry about this, but it's not worth it anymore. Chambers accomplishments are: actually recruiting good basketball players that can be fun to watch and dunk and stuff, and raising the floor (we don't get run out of the gym much if at all anymore). The NIT run was a lot of fun, but otherwise he hasn't accomplished anything noteworthy on the court in 8 years. It's frustrating that PSU seems to be ok with that. And it kills me that some other schools that have many of the same barriers can be more successful.

I would love to see real investment in the program, but we're stuck in this place where making that commitment may not pay off, and probably won't. We can build a new arena, get top notch facilities, way overpay for a coach and still might not jump out of the middle of the pack in the B1G.  I'd be down with trying someone new but they're likely going to just as flawed as Chambers. So, I've accepted that this is who we are. A weird program that sometimes makes February and early March interesting, and gives us things like The Deveis Moment.

Go State. See you at the BJC next year. Well, probably not.

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Well said. We're a program and coach that deserve each other.

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I'll always advocate backing the money truck up to Mike Young, but other than that I see no reason not to bring Chambers back for another spin of the wheel.

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Considering that this year they had the 2nd toughest schedule, three freshman, and arguably the worst luck in the history of the NCAA, not to mention their best player not getting a third of calls in the lane (this past game and that purdue game were just blatant missed calls)

I am okay with this. He deserves another year after their turn around. I'm not being blind to the 0-10 start, I'm acknowledging the distinct possibility that the ball did not roll their way this year in the slightest. But if Lamar doesn't come back, then Pat won't the following year. 

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