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It’s such a confusing thing - ‘Little Hill Kitties’ is the meanest thing you could find on the message boards for Minnesota, and yet, it’s take 20 seconds on the OSU boards to find something MUCH worse.  

should be a great game- they haven’t seen anyone like Micah and Yetur though...

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Minnesotans are some of the nicest people on the planet. It's practically Canada. This will be my third time going to a game there and we've always had a blast.

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Don't be fooled by "Minnesota Nice" though. It's really just an excuse they use to be super passive-aggressive.

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This is functionally an exhibition game, assuming we don't lose to Indiana or Rutgers, so I'm really looking forward to it.  

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'Do not be afraid to be a legend.'

Dude get over it, division realignment was 5 years ago!

"Maybe I'm just a dumb defensive coach"

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Wow I am so upset I didn’t think of this.

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Am I the only one expecting Penn State to go there and rout them?  Penn State is fast.  I expect them to roll. #roaddawgs