Game Preview: No. 10 Penn State vs. Rutgers

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This is the first of four consecutive years that Penn State will be playing Rutgers in the final game of the regular season.  Perhaps PSU doesn't have a "main rival" in the Big 10 to play in the final game of the season (like OSU-Michigan) but it's too bad that this season is going to have such a anticlimatic end with likely a small crowd due to cold weather, a terrible opponent, and the students on break.  You can pretty much sit anywhere you want for $20+ fees on ticketmaster.  Hopefully there will be some creativity in the future with schedules to have better games (or my personal preference - the elimination of the Big Ten divisions) to end the season...even if that means ending with a non-conference game.  I think PSU gets screwed with their schedule at times, especially looking at future years, with a number of times they play OSU and Michigan back to back.  It's too bad PSU never gets to play either of those teams AFTER they play each other.  I would have loved to have this game in the middle of the tough stretch of ranked opponents to give the team a break instead of after that stretch is over.  Prediction: PSU 59, Rutgers 7.