Penn State's 2019 Offensive Line the 14th-Best in the Country, Per Pro Football Focus

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Their rating system must have ignored all the plays where Clifford set up to pass and immediately had a DL in his face....

What Penn State team were they watching?

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I think this actually reflects bad on our O-line coaching and it’s no wonder Limegrover was fired. PFF is mostly concerned with pro potential of the O-line, and yet, our O-line was statistically pretty mediocre. Outright awful in some categories (yikes, the sacks on passing downs).

There is way to much talent to underachieve that much. 

Brett Brown

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It's clear that the grade is mostly due to rushing numbers, with Menet's strong passing numbers propping up that part of the grade a bit.

Very interested to see what they look like next year with mostly the same unit back.

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While it is true this was the worst line of the Limegrover era, it wasn't bad or even mediocre. Rahne's play calling was frequently poor compounded by the fact that he didn't adjust the offense that was built for Trace McSorley and Tommy Stevens to fit the talents of a mobile pro-style QB.

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