Top-Five Penn State Defensive Tackles of the 2010s

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Appropriately including the tree tackle in the graphic, good on you blog.

fighters, I said fighters

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I would have been very angry if he hadn't finished first because I already had it ready to go to pop into the graphic.

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For me, this one is the hardest one. I think I have to put Jordan Hill at #1. He was miscast playing the 1 technique during Devon's still time but was the best 1 we had the decade. He really took off in 2012 after Still left putting together the best season I have seen a Penn State have at the position. At #2 I have Anthony Zettel followed by Devon Still, Austin Johnson and Robert Windsor. 

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He finished two votes behind Givens. It was really hard for me to leave him off my ballot but I just couldn't find a place for him. 

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