Penn State's Next 3 Games Are the Most Crucial Stretch of the Big Ten Season

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nothing gets em going like C chaser's picture

They have no choice but to win tonight, otherwise the casual fan is gone and will say, "Oh same old Penn State basketball, they need to get rid of that Chambers." The casual fan is glancing at his phone and sees two straight losses to rutgers and Wisconsin with an average of 54 ppg, and says, "Welp it never changes." But what's crazy is that if in fact Penn State won those two games, they'd probably be a top ten team at 14-2, and we all know that they are not. Or you could say they should be 15-1 and can you imagine that world? But the entire conference is between 13-4 and 9-7 (sorry jNW and Nebby), so they're literally fine, for now. They could be ohio state (lost 5 of last 8), michigan (lost 5 of last 9), or Michigan State just lost to Purdue by 29 (!!). A two game skid is not awful, but they cannot let it turn into 3 or 4. 

So there's my stance on the current state of basketsballs. IM CLIMBIN!

fighters, I said fighters