Top-Five Penn State Cornerbacks of the 2010s

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How so? These are six very good corners; most, if not all, having some NFL success. Not too shabby.

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A thought that's maybe a bit tangential to this discussion: were our expectations for TCF too high?

Our two corners for the previous 3 years are #s 1, 2, and 3 on this list. 1 and 3 are already playing on Sundays and 2 will be next year. The hype around TCF was that he was supposed to step right in and be as good or better than those guys, with TCF + John Reid locking down both corners.  Maybe our expectation for him to be elite was too high.  (Yes the injuries didn't help anything)

I'm not saying we shouldn't expect great things from our players, I just don't remember Haley or Amani getting talked about before they were starters in the way TCF was.

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I think part of it was that TCF showed really well for a freshman, and just hasn't really improved from that point.

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No problem with the number one choice. At number two I am slotting in Trevor Williams. At #3 I have D’Anton Lynn, perhaps the most under-rated starter in the last ten years followed by Reid and Campbell.

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Agree on Lynn. I think there's an inherent recency bias in these sorts of things, especially when you don't necessarily have a clear cut #1, or elite players over a time. I loved Lynn as a player, but probably am guilty of not giving him enough credit on this list personally.

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