Five-Star 2018 Commit Micah Parsons Will Transfer to Harrisburg High

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If Parsons is able to play Friday - and it seems like it's very possible that Central Dauphin will spitefully try to make that hard for him - the Harrisburg/State College game on Friday night will be a thing to behold. It's at State College, so recruitniks who are in town for the game this weekend can catch a glimpse of a bunch of kids who will (hopefully) be in the blue and white soon. With Parsons to go along with Barber and Anderson-Butts, Harrisburg is downright frightening.

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Supposedly the suspension does not stem from his social media activity but an incident in the lunch room where he shouted something. What that something was is up for debate but the school maintains the punishment had nothing to do with the twitter post.

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According to his father's interview he shouted something about the social media post to a friend across the cafeteria.  So no, the twitter post did not get him suspended but it wasn't irrelevant.

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Some of the the replies to that tweet, though...

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Little boy is trouble..... PSU will have their hands full.