The 5-Best Things About Penn State's Wonderful Mannequin Challenge Video

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You gotta love the bonding between the players and the coaching staff. Kudos to Coach Franklin on assembling a really amazing staff.  When you think that with two new coordinators, a new offensive system, and one of the youngest teams in the country yet having the team perform at this level so fast bodes well for the Nittany Lions down the road.

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I mean, it's an ok song, but to each his own I guess. But college-age kids like it, so that's all that really matters in this case (I'm just a guy in his 40s who's starting to get into that "this is what the kids like these days???" mode). That aside, I love seeing the team bonding over stuff like this. They're having fun and it shows in how they interact with each other, and how they're playing right now.

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